27 May 2010

More Cats of Rome

This was the first cat to greet us in Rome. This poster is at the airport. I am not sure what it is telling us, (anyone read Italian?) but I like the style.
This little Kitty met us just inside the Capitoline Museum. He seems as if he is ready to move.
This Regal fellow lives on one of the fountains at Quattro Fontane. There is a fountain on each corner of the intersection.
Look at all these cats. I especially like the little black and white who is looking right at us.
These can be found in the Al Sogna Toy Shop in Piazza Navona.
This is a wonderful toy store.
If you ask, they will take you upstairs to show you the posh collectors dolls. Way out of my price range but well worth the climb. My guide book compares this shop to Santa's Workshop fifty years ago. I want to go back already.
This is another resident of Piazza Navona. Who knew lions liked water so much? He adorns one of many Roman fountains by Bernini.
My Sweet hubby is grinning from behind an old Egyptian statue on the Vatican grounds.
Detail from a Sarcophagi in the Vatican collection. This guy is carved from marble yet the detail is like the finest of porcelain.
One thing that amazes me is that, as old as my house is, art like this has been sitting right where it is since before my house was even a dream. Some of these things are at least a thousand years old. This guy was carved without the aid of electricity.
No, this isn't an escapee from the last post. Jaguars are cats too. This is one of my Sweet Hubby's favorites.
A big cat in an ancient mosaic that is on display at the Colosseum.
One of the sweetest kitties of all. This little lady was taking a nap in the sun at the Colosseum.
That's it for Roman cats but I have lots more to share from the trip.


  1. What a fabulous trip that must have been!

    My uncle now lives in the northern part of Italy, in Bergamo, with his wife. (No, my family is not Italian.) My dad visited for a month, from early April to early May. I keep saying if we're all alive and well when I turn 50 (not too far off), I want to visit Italy too!

  2. oh, i would love to go visit that shop...and hte sarcophagus looks really cool...

  3. We like your post so much... it brings back the memory of our holidays in Rome few years back ;)

  4. So so lovely collection
    but the last one is alive
    and super cute :-)

    Hugs from Kareltje =^.^=

  5. Very pretty and I like those posh ones, they are very unique!

  6. Oooh I think the first one is something about diseases not respecting frontiers? I don't speak Italian btw - I just recognise malady - malattie.

    I love these many representations of cats especially lions who were really big in ancient rome! Good grief. The detail in the carvings are amazing! And you're right all done by hand under moonlight or firelight and with the most basic of tools probably! Thoroughly fascinating!

    I like the sleekness of the old egyptian statue where your hubby is standing next to - both with the same grin! Awwww!

    But the best is that toy shop!! Wow!! That kitty really is looking at you! Amazing.

    Oh the jewel is that lovely lady kitty taking a nap in the sun. Beautiful!

    Thanks for these wonderful kitties of rome pics.

    take care

  7. Look at all this cute and majestic cats.;)
    I do not speak Italian, but I would assume the first image has something to do with traveling and pets.;) I guess animals/pets can not be taken on the plane.;)

  8. Interesting and beautiful collection and great photos!

  9. Goodness Rome does have a lot of kitties! Love it!

    xo Catherine

  10. lovely cats...
    awesome post!

  11. Hi Cats
    vedo che ti sono piaciuti i nostri gatti romani... perĂ² purtroppo devo dire che molto spesso i romani maltrattano gli animali, in quanto sono sempre al centro delle notizie TV per abusi sugli animali !
    Spero che il viaggio in Italia ti sia piaciuto :-)
    Grazie della visita :-))

  12. How sweet! I loved all these precious felines...I tried to e-mail you but it kept trying to make me configure outlook7...sigh...in answer to your question about the bugs on plants...we employ nature's way...we have guinea hens who eat their weight in bugs in the garden, we squash squash bugs between our gloved fingers, plant rosemary near plants...lots of ways...I hope you watch Making It Grow on Tuesdays at 7 on the Educational channel...you can learn a lot there...they're on line, too...just google Making It Grow

  13. RosaDimaggio's comment translates as: "Hi Cats
    I see that you liked our cats Roman ... But unfortunately I must say that the Romans often mistreat animals, because they are always at the center of the TV news for animal abuse!
    I hope you enjoyed traveling to Italy :-)
    Thank you for visiting :-))"
    Thanks to Google Translator.

  14. It appears that Italy is quite fond of lions! Those are some pretty amazing statues and that one carving from the mausoleum at the Vatican is amazing - such craftsmanship!

    You're right, the age is pretty mind-boggling isn't it? America is still such a baby compared to places like Rome!

  15. Yeah! Jags are still British built, I think? :)

  16. I was in Rome, October last year, for my 65th birthdday, along with 4
    friends - for two days, then did a 6 day Med cruise, ending up with an overnight in Malaga and 4 days in Barcelona. For my 64th birthday, we spent four days in Rome, then did a 12 day Med cruise. Both times we stayed at the Napoleon, a charming small hotel where the "director," Roberto Cioce became a friend.

    I just love Rome but it saddened me to see the graffiti all over teh place!

    Your cats, large and small, are w onderful.

  17. IF there's a cat anywhere, you'll find it. :-) Great photos—the jaguar made me smile.

  18. What an interesting collection of cats, large and small. I'm going to Italy in September, so I'll probably be meeting a lot of Italian cats.

  19. Great cats!
    Love the living breathing furry one at the end -- now that is relaxed!

  20. I'm longing for the day to come when I can get a cat of my own! I love the sunbathing cat - I guess cats are laidback no matter what part of the world they're from!


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