14 May 2010

Where did she go?

I have been away. Can you guess where?
My Sweet Hubby decided that I deserved a break, so he took me to see some of these.
We saw this too.
It is quite a famous view.
Do you know where it is located?
There are no prizes,
I just want to see who can guess where we went.
This is the inside of another famous building we saw while we were there.
Yes, I am spoiled!
For some people, this sign and the preceding photo will give away the answer.
This is where your "three coins" go.
Have you figured it out yet?
If so, tell me which photo gave it away.
No fair peaking at comments before you guess.
I took lots of photos (of course), and I had a lovely time. I will probably be posting from this trip for a month.
I will give you the answer Tuesday.
See you then.


  1. ok, i got no guess, but i wanna go! smiles. how cool of huuby to do that!

  2. :-)


    I thought Italy first then as I got to the Three fountains I thought - a-ha!!!!! LOL!! What lovely pics - I like the second one - the close up of the fresco.

    How lovely for you!!!!! I hope you and your hubby had a great time!

    Take care

  3. You have been in Italy, there are definitely shots from Rome and the Vatican.;)
    How exciting, what a lovely husband as well.;) I can tell you enjoyed your trip.;)

  4. I say Rome, the 2nd and 3rd did it, a good friend of ours was there an took a gazillion pictures. Beautiful!

  5. Oh! Kat! How wonderful for you and Glen!! I loved Italy when I went there in '99 with a girlfriend. I'd love to go back!! And also, congratulations on new degree!!



  6. Rome? You just up and went to Rome? How cool is that!!

    Looking forward to more pictures!

  7. I think its Italy :))
    Wonderful choice ....



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