18 May 2010

Cats of Rome # 1

Most of you guessed it, yes, we went to Rome. We had planned a big trip for our twenty fifth wedding anniversary, but between my job and school, we were unable to go. Our twenty sixth anniversary came and went last December, school continued to get in the way. Once I graduated, off we went.
This first picture shows two rather content looking big cats from a painting by W. Peter. The painting is called "Adamo ed Eva nel Paradiso Terrestre".
These lovely lions and the little kitty at Adams feet below are from the same picture. The picture belongs to the Vatican and is located at the "Pinacoteca" in the Vatican Museum. If you go, plan on spending plenty of time. We spent two days at the Vatican and that was not long enough to see everything.
My graduation present from My Sweet Hubby (in addition to the trip) was a new digital camera. I have loved the old one so much, he got me the updated version. It is a Fuji Fine pix Z70 and it is pink. I would not have been able to take a lot of the pictures I did without it. These three are an example, there really was not enough light and flash photos are not allowed for fear of damage.
As you know, I love cats. Apparently, so did the ancient Romans. They are well represented in all types of ancient art. I took so many pictures on this subject alone that I will have to split it into two posts. This regal looking gentleman lives in Vatican City. We met when we stopped for a cup of Cappuccino :)
This little kitty looks hungry, thank goodness he is marble. He and a twin are holding up a giant sarcophagus. I believe it was made for a sister of one of the Emperors (I was so in awe of my surroundings, I did not even think about taking notes).
These lions are not alone, it seems as if everything in Rome is either covered in gold and marble, painted to look like it is covered in gold and marble or it is moving. I have decided that I really like marble, love walking on it barefoot! I could not resist, I had to make marble frames for the Rome pictures.
The Vatican has a separate Egyptian Museum. Whenever the Ancient Romans conquered new territory, they tried to bring the best of it home as trophies. They brought back a lot of Egypt. These two representations of Bast are some of the best. I will show more Egyptian art later.
This little spotted kitty reminds me a bit of our Spontaneous. She got to remain at home with very dear friends who agreed to stay in the house while we were away. She is a sweetie and we sure missed her. The picture is from a Tapestry that the Vatican keeps in a very dark room. I am amazed at how well the new camera uses what light is available.
Last for this post. My Sweet Hubby and me. This Kat really enjoyed her vacation.
More Rome to come, Cats, Columns, Ruins, Paintings, Statues, and Cappuccino.


  1. This trip looks like the cat's meow and I bet you and your sweet hubby have some beautiful memories to last into your next 26 years together!

  2. Those are some great cats fur sure, the last one ia a particular favorite!

  3. Looks like a wonderful vacation. We look forward to seeing the rest of the photos.
    Rest well!

  4. I went to Rome in 2008. We saw some ruins where lots of cats live wild and the locals go to feed them, right in the centre of the city with the traffic zooming past!

  5. What a wonderful vacation & I also love, love, love anything feline!!
    Have a Great Day!!

  6. Beautiful pictures and a lovely tribute to cats.;) I too love cats so this was a treat for me.
    You are a lovely couple.;) I have been to Rome once almost thirty years ago, I guess it is time to go back soon again.;)

  7. Hope you're 'feline' fine after all the 'Rome-ing' around.....


  8. Happy anniversary!!

    And what a lovely lovely lovey way to celebrate - Rome looks so beautiful and so romantic! And look at all these great kitties (my favourite has got to be that very stately and gorgeous lovely black kitty! LOL!).

    I look forward to more vatican and roman treasures. Oh and a cappuccino too! :-)

    Thanks for sharing
    take care

  9. wow. what a cool trip..i would love to go sometime. a new camera too.
    seems you were surrounded by cats. congrats again on graduation!

  10. What a wonderful trip for you both!

  11. Rome!! How wonderful ~ and all those cats ~ lucky girl! What a sweet hubby to take you on such a lovely trip. Sounds like you had an excellent time ~ good for you ~ you deserve it after all that studying and exam writing. And a new camera? Lucky girl indeed!

    Looking forward to more photos of your trip!
    xo Catherine

  12. Wonderful vacation for both of you! Thanks for sharing this lovely series of photos with us.

  13. Congratulations
    and Wow!!
    you can almost visit me


  14. Your trip sounds wonderful. I love the cat pictures. I am always drawn to them, too.
    This reminds me of a website that I was just referred to yesterday. It is for an organiztion that helps the street cats of Rome. Here is their web address http://friendsofromancats.org/ .

  15. wild but unforgettable collections of CATS...
    loved them all,
    Happy Saturday!


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