21 June 2010

More Flower sculptures and flowers

As promised, here are the rest of the critters from our flower festival. They are an art form all there own.
Our first picture here is an early morning ape. He has his cup of coffee and is holding his newspaper high. The ape is a much improved repeat performer from last year.
This odd fellow is a Bearcat from Lander U (where I earned my BSN). I have never seen one wandering around, except on campus and I suspect that one is a guy in a suit. Oh well, go Bearcats!
This, in case you are not from The South, is a University of South Carolina, USC, Gamecock. There is a lot of rivalry over who supports what football team and this is a Southern favorites. He is about 15 feet tall.
I think this one  is just plain sweet. A flower pony. He is slightly larger than life size.
Once again, this year, the Mama and Baby Elephants are my favorites. The baby is a fountain!
This exotic looking beauty was growing over a fence in Savannah yesterday.
I don't know what this is, I stuck my camera through a fence to take the photo. The ball of flowers is about 8 inches across and grows on the end of a two or three foot long stalk.
Pretty colors,

See the Katydid?
Have a great Monday and enjoy the sunshine!


  1. Absolutely beautiful & what an imagination some people have!!
    I love the exotic flowers...well, exotic for here!!
    Have a Wonderful Day!

  2. The 'ball of flowers' is an agapanthus I believe, a South African plant. I've never heard of a Katydid before, I had to google that. Looks like a fun flower festival.

  3. Those are just too cool...love the elephants too!

  4. Aren't you going to tell us what katydid next????

    nice one Kat.


  5. those are great...the horse especially...what detail. all the pretty flowers makes me wish i was outside right now and not at this desk today...

  6. Oh I love these flowery and plant sculptures!!! the green horse and the ape having coffee and the funny cockrel thing and of course the sweet mama and baby elephant! Beautiful and charming!!!

    I think Jo is so right - agapanthus - beautiful close up!!

    Thanks for sharing these fab pics!

    take care

  7. Oh my goodness ~ so much time and effort must have gone into those beautiful flower critters! Beautiful!

    Have a lovely week Kat!
    xo Catherine

  8. My mom loves the Gamecock sculpture!

  9. What cool pics! I love how the creatures are made of foliage :)

  10. They are ALL beautiful but I have to admit that I like the elephant the best being that I am partial to elephants! I can only imagine how pretty all of these flowers are in person - and the smells have got to be wonderful!

  11. It amazes me what folks can do.
    We love the plant pictures too.

  12. Hi Kat,

    The photos are just beautiful!! I was wondering if you know what the plant titled "pretty colors" is. I've never seen anything like it. It's gorgeous!

    Take care,


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