19 July 2010

Lets cool down for a minute.

I added a page for the house, somewhere I can share some of the trials and tribulations, as well as the joy involved in loving an old antebellum house like this one. You can click on the tab at the top to see it if you like. While I was looking for pictures, I came across these and you know, I can appreciate them a whole lot more right now. So here goes,
Daffs in the snow, these photos were taken and posted in Feb of this year.
This Antebellum lady looks cold.
The old barn on a snowy evening.
Our guardian tree, remember, this was not typical winter weather in these parts.
Yes, we went for a walk in it, of course.
My favorite photo of all!
There, now don't you feel a little cooler too?


  1. Yes thanks, made my whiskers shiver!

  2. and to think i was wishing the snow would go away a few months back....nice pics...thanks for the cool off...smiles.

  3. Oh, I recall when you urged us to post summer pictures in mid winter, now you do the reverse.;) Very *cool*, I think we all appreciate the cold down, as much as we all loved to warm up those few months back.;))
    I hope my blog has ceased giving you trouble.;)
    Have a great day,

  4. Brrrrrr!!!!

    That was some winter - I now can't wait for Christmas! :-)

    Take care

  5. Wow ~ you must be really hot there to be showing winter photos! We haven't had enough hot days ~ too many cool and rainy days ~ so I will keep my winter photos archived! :)

    Hope you are keeping cool Kat!
    xo Catherine

  6. While the whole country is baking in this mid-summer heat it won't be long before we will all be complaining about all the snow & ice & cold!!
    ((I just wish we a had a little less humidity!))


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