26 July 2010

Summer Tenants at Kat's Corner.

We have some new "people" living here with us for the summer.
Kat's Corner is now home to a bunch of tadpoles and baby frogs as well as a friendly praying mantis. The amphibians live out by the old barn. The biggest ones are about the size of my thumbnail right now. The praying mantis is up on the balcony. He sat by my shoulder this morning while I had my first cup of coffee. They are such characters.
Well hello there.
Take me to your leader?
He still has his tail.
Three together. Somewhere between tadpoles and frogs.
I think I need to dry off a bit.
 Don't know if I have shown you this guy before or not.
I still think he has a silly face.

Don't forget "Winter in July Wednesday"
See you there.


  1. Oh I am so jealous!! Baby froglets!! How adorable!! They're so gorgeous - awww that is so so so brilliant!!

    And your pet praying mantis is just stunning!! What a gorgeous critter!!

    And thanks for the video clip - they're so active these froglets! I'm just so thrilled to see them!

    Take care

  2. way cool. i grew up by a pon and we all the time went to see the frogs...and just the other day we had a baby praying mantis that i carried in for the boys to see...nice pics

  3. YAY! Critters everywhere!

  4. I has a hungry all the sudden for something crunchy. Oh ummm I mean, those are some cute crunchies... i meann critters.
    We gives your "Winter in July Wednesday" a shout-out on our posts. We wants a lots to play!

  5. I'd love for a praying mantis to join me for coffee! How totally cool! And thanks for your comment about the story Brian and I did. It was definitely a collaborative effort.

  6. ummm.... sorry but.... YUCK!!! :)

    Looking forward to Winter in July photos tomorrow!
    xo Catherine

  7. We does our Winter post and does a call-out to your house! YAY! This was fun. Thanks for thinking about it.

  8. Kat, I enjoyed the pictures. Great page.


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