14 July 2010

And the winner is.....

The verdict is in. My Sweet Hubby read through all three entries a couple of times and had a tough time deciding who the winner should be. Cat's story was romantic and cute it made us both smile, you really do have to make a great leap when you give up your old life to make a life with someone else. Bay Tree Poet's entry was very creatively written and she too had to be quite brave, if I am reading it right, she also made her leap for love.
My Sweet Hubby, (after much deliberation) says that Brian's great leap was probably the hardest to make. He had love and family as well as a good job, he risked much. All three are fine writers but only one can win. My Sweet Hubby chose Brian.
Congratulations Brian, email me with your Snail Mail address and I will put the earrings in the mail for your Sweet Heart.

Brian can post this on his sidebar if he would like, perhaps with a link to his winning entry.
As for everyone else, if you are looking for a great read, start with their entries as shown below, then go on to read other posts. These are excellent blogs, you will enjoy them and you will want to go back for more.

(Bay tree poet's entry is over three posts)



  1. Brian's leap truly was a big one! Congratulations to him!!!

    Thanks for letting us play Kat! Very fun!

    xo Catherine

  2. woot! thank you much...my wife will love them...email on the way!

  3. Great reads all! I can see why you had such a rough time.
    Thanks for the enjoyable evening.

  4. Great reads all! I can see why you had such a rough time.
    Thanks for the enjoyable evening.

  5. Oh, why am I not surprised.;) Congratulations to Brian, he deserves it.;)
    Have a lovely day and thank you so much for reading the linked post yesterday, very few do.;) I am glad you enjoyed getting to know the cats of my neighborhood.;)) And Batcat is flattered by your kind words.;)

  6. Congratulations Brian and all the others who entered! I'd love to read Brian's winning entry but haven't a clue where it is! :-)

    Thank you so much Kat for having this fab giveaway!!!

    Will check out these other great leaps now!

    Take care

  7. Reading back over your last few posts, Kat, you seem to be into writing competitions. Who knows I might tackle one one day. Thanks for visiting my blog. It's good to visit you here.

  8. Congrats to Brian!!! Anyone with a name like that has to be a winner!!!


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