06 July 2010

Great leap challenge with a prize.

I have taken several great leaps in my life, giant steps forward over chasms of doubt.
Questions of "Do I dare?" try to hold me back.
"What if?" sings a siren songs from both sides,
"What if it all goes wrong?"
"What if it all goes right?".
Some great leaps are over life changing matters, "Should I marry him?" (Best one of all!), "Should I Join the Air Force?", "Can I make it through Nursing School?".
Some just require us to be brave for a few minutes. "Shall I cut my hair?", or "Should I get rid of that?".
I am making yet another great leap, (ok maybe it isn't as dramatic as some, but it is something I have wanted to do for a long time) I have opened an ETSY shop.
You see, people keep trying to buy my jewelry. Seriously, I have had people stop me in line at the grocery store and offer money for jewelry I was wearing. This inevitably when I am wearing something of my own design. My Sweet Hubby thinks I have a knack for it. He has several of my original pieces, they are always conversation starters.
So, in order to introduce my shop and hopefully help promote it, I am having a contest of sorts on this blog.
The prize,
a pair of Peacock Pretty earrings They are made from glass and abalone beads with sterling silver french hooks.
Now I know that some of you don't wear earrings, but wouldn't your Sweet heart look great in these? Especially if she knew you won them just for her?

Here is the challenge:

1. Write a blog post about a "Great leap". It can be what you feel is the bravest thing you have ever done, or something you are still dreaming of. Tell us all about it. Pictures are great, but not required.

2. Post a comment to this blog with a link back to your posting by next Monday July 12, (make sure there is a way for me to reach you just in case, if you do not wish an email address to appear, you can email it to me at akatscorner@aol.com )

Easy enough? Just two steps.
My Sweet Husband does not know it yet, but he will be judging the entries, I like all of you too much to be fair.
Mercury thinks these are some PrettyGood Earrings.
You are all invited to check out the shop, but that is not required in order to win. I currently have two necklaces on offer and will be posting more over the next few days.
I can't wait to see your entries.


  1. oh nice ear rings....pretty...best of hope for the new shop too. very cool.

    i do like a challenge will see if i can knock one out for you and get back to you...

  2. What a lovely competition - thank you! I love these earrings btw!! They are beautiful! Your sweet hubby was right - you have a knack for this and are super talented!!

    Good luck with all those entering your generous competition. I'll see what I can come up with!

    take care

  3. Congrats on your Esty store, you've got the talent fur sure!!!

  4. Good luck with your new shop! This is wonderful. I also love your contest challenge. It's great to reflect on our big leaps in life. It helps to keep my sense of adventure alive and robust! I just did a post featuring Gypsea Tree readers that have opened shops and yours is in it. Best wishes to you!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I like your earrings, and I like that Mercury likes them... I'll try to write a post about a great leap soon-ish; in the meantime, maybe my posts "The truth will out" (including pt. 2 and 3) will count despite their crypticness...


  6. Good for you for taking a leap and opening your Etsy store ~ the very best of luck to you dearest Kat! Your jewellery is so beautiful ~ you crafty girl you!

    Hmmm... a great leap... I will have to think about that one. :)

    Have a very Happy Day Kat!
    xo Catherine

  7. Got my post posted Kat!! :)


    Sorry it took me so long ~ the lovely weather kept calling me outside! :)

    Have a lovely evening!
    xo Catherine

  8. Oh, just got back from vacay! wish I would've seen this. I would've loved to write about it...

    sensational earrings, by the way.


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