08 July 2010

How I have managed to completely avoid accomplishing anything today.

We had planned on a day out, but the well was having issues and we had to wait for "the well guy".
(No worries, he fixed all)
My Sweet Hubby glanced out the window and said "there is a deer in the yard". We followed him around the house, quietly, sneaking from window to window as he nibbled the grass. Careful, if he sees movement, he will be gone. Quietly, softly, he is just a young one (I assume it was a boy, I did not want to frighten him by asking, it isn't polite).
Amazingly, he seemed content to munch the grass and the weeds, I would have thought he would find the lavender tasty. We also have pink impatiens blooming on the porch, (I showed you the white ones a few days back,) but I think they are out of reach.
I walked up to put the mail in the box and kind of got lost on the way. I know where I was, but it was such a lovely morning, I am afraid I dawdled a bit. The sun was already starting to make it's presence felt. You can tell it is summer outside. Even the mornings are warm.
Pandora looked so lovely in the early morning light,
She stands in the shade all day and doesn't do a thing, kind of like Spontaneous. I had to take a close up.
How cheeky, she is wearing one of the necklaces from my shop. (Had to get the shameless promotion out of the way). Don't forget the contest runs till Monday. (Scroll to the previous post for details if you missed it)
This butterfly has extra color, they usually don't have quite so much of the light blue banding. I have see a few like this, but most have a lot less, I wonder why? How can you not be distracted by such things? Feathery soft, but don't touch. If you are lucky, they might land on a finger or an arm.
Have I shown off the tomato and basil plants yet? If you look carefully behind the leaves their are tomatoes hiding in there. I can't wait, home grown tomatoes are so much more flavorful. We have already been getting into the basil, great on salads.
The afternoon has slipped by while I was goofing off. I had good intentions, but the table is still a mess. Maybe tomorrow. Why do they call these the dog days? I feel much more like a cat.


  1. haha. nice shameless promotion...the deer eat everything in our yard...i did give them a treat and threw some watermelon out after the 4th and had fun watching them eat...

  2. Deer in your garden!! Oh wow!!! How lovely! Thanks for sharing the pics of these beautiful creatures! I love em!!!

    Your necklace is lovely! As lovely as that sublime butterfly and impatiens!!!!

    Basil and tomato sandwiches - I haven't forgotten! LOL!!! Have a lovely day - enjoy!!

    take care

  3. Well for doing nothing it sure turned out pretty good!

  4. It sounds like you accomplished lots ~ even if not what you originally intended! Sometimes we have to grab these moments when they happen upon us ~ house chores will always be there tomorrow ~ don't you think? :)

    Have a very Happy weekend Kat!
    xo Catherine

  5. We have deer in our garden too. This time of year they are eatting machines. Beautiful pictures. We had 2 fawn in our yard today. We posted pics too.

    We love you "do nothing" days.

  6. Sometimes a little 'me' time is a good thing. Deer are so shy and you were lucky to get some snaps of him.

  7. I miss the deer! I've only seen one up here. Very cute! And putting the necklace on the statue was a good idea!


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