23 August 2010

Summer Beauty.

August is winding down and today is a little cooler.
September has nearly arrived and here at Kat's Corner we are ready for it.
Summer, at least here in the south, will hang on for quite a bit longer but in the Rocky Mountains, where I grew up, September is the beginning of autumn. I keep thinking about it and remembering what it felt like to be a kid, half dreading, half longing for, the start of school.
Do you remember? Time for "one last" swim at the pool, or "one last" day of tubing in the irrigation ditch.
 Taking "one last" trip up to Pineview Dam or Lagoon, the local amusement park.
Well, this hopefully won't be our last trip to the mountains this year, but all the nostalgia is making me want to share my appreciation for this last stretch of summer.
The first five pictures are from our last trip up to Heintooga Round Bottom Road.

I love this last one, it shows why they are called the "Blue Ridge Mountains".
This little guy is much closer to home. The picture (taken by my Sweet Hubby) was taken in our yard. I framed it in black to show it off a bit more. Can you see the lizard?
This is my latest work in progress.
It is celebrating Summer too.
What will you miss most about Summer?


  1. ooo...like the WIP...and a cute little lizard...this is my favorite time of year to go to the mountains...

  2. I had to enlarge the pic to see the lizard!! What an amazing pic - brilliant!!!

    These are beautiful shots of a beautiful place. The mountains are stunning.

    Good luck with your WIP - I can't wait to see it all finished!

    What will I miss about summmer? The lazy hazy days!

    take care

  3. I will miss the comfy sunpuddles! The pictures are beautiful!!!

  4. I missed a lot about last summer. But this summer? Ack, so hot and dry that I am afraid I won't miss it allthat much.
    LOVE your photos -- you have a great eye.

    And I found the lizard after a bit of a search -- thanks for the laugh!

  5. Well--I love the Bue Ridge mountains too---we usually go up there in the Fall and we plan on going up there again in October and my daughter and her family will be joining us.

    Oh, also I wanted to tell you that my oldest son made the decision to return to SC. He is leaving Microsoft to join a company in North Charleston. It was a very difficult decision for him because Microsoft really liked him and had made him a very good incentive to stay. But it will be nice having all my kids here in the South!

    What I will miss most about summer--a slower pace with lazier type days. It is feeling more like Fall--I noticed it is getting darker earlier in the evening and lighter later in the mornings....plus the school buses are rumbling by now (I live 2 blocks from a school). Football is starting up too!

    We have those little lizards here too....

  6. This series of photos is really beautiful and you framed them lovely. I also like very much your work. It will be great when you finish it.
    I will miss fresh mornings and evenings and long sunny days...I'll miss lots of things


So, what do you think? Did you like it? I love hearing from you.


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