22 August 2010

Keeping cool, the old fashioned way.

Summer is winding down a little and it is time to appreciate it before it is gone.
We are still pretty warm here at Kat's Corner.
My Sweet Hubby had a great idea to cool down the other day.
We have had this old "White Mountain Freezer" for years and it has seen a lot of use.
This is the first time we have use it this year (what were we thinking?).
See the cylinder in the middle?
The ingredients go in there.
We use; UHT half and half cream,
powdered sugar,
Natural Vanilla,
and a little skim milk.
Once all the pieces are put together, you add ice and "ice cream salt".
Then you find a shady spot and take turns cranking.
Check when it gets difficult to crank.
It is done when it looks like this.
Who gets to clean the beaters?
Doesn't that look good?
Have a great Sunday.


  1. Yes indeed, it sure looks yummy!

  2. This brings back such wonderful memories. My father used to do this on summer weekends. I wonder if he still has his in the attic somewhere.

  3. oh excellent...we have not made any this year...we need to...

  4. It's a lot of hard work but by golly the ice cream looks yummy and fresh and real! :-)

    What an amazing contraption!

    I hope you both enjoyed the home made ice cream! Take care

  5. Oh it does! Home made ice cream how lovely!

  6. Well, I am now officially cool because the guy came out today and fixed my air handler which the storm had taken out 2 weeks ago.

    Homemade ice cream is good. My daughter's mother-in-law makes some wonderful peach ice cream with (of course) SC peaches! I can't eat it too often because of cholesterol issues.


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