01 August 2010

Travel Report Bele Chere 2010 in Asheville NC.

Bele Chere is an annual art's festival in Asheville NC.
Great music, good food, art in all it's forms, and happy people, what more could you ask for?
We were there on the 22nd of July.
I told you they had all sorts of art, this is a cat statue (I always find the cats).
The locals really get into it. I love the decorations on this balcony.
This is one of two photos of this band, don't they just look like they are making mountain music?
This is the rest of the band. Lighting conditions were not ideal and I had a lot of trouble getting a shot with these two out of the shadows. Photo shop to the rescue.
We have been to Bele Chere several times, you never know what you will find there.
This is a blow up dental spa.....
(The handsome guy in the middle is my Sweet Hubby)
The festival is well laid out and signposted.
Buskers come in all shapes and sizes.
Here we see a mime (a mime is a terrible thing to waste) walking with a fairy on stilts.
We also saw magic acts, living statues and plenty of musicians.
There are miles of booths selling all sorts of hand crafted items, as well as food and drink vendors.
There is that handsome guy again. He is my travel buddy.
Need to cool down?
Each year they set up a couple of giant canvases on frames for graffiti, they even provide the paint and brushes. We were there on day one and the canvas is already getting lots of attention.
My favorite artist's contribution.
This is, in our opinion, the best band we heard there. Their music seemed to fit the mood just right.
They are "Brother Fatback"
You can hear them play here Brother Fatback on My Space
A little bit of everything. This puts a whole new spin on "Playing Air Guitar".
Look at the top near the strap, it is a drink holder.
On that note,
Stay cool,


  1. really cool. bet those street musicians were fun to listen to..we were at a festival yesterday highlighting large trucks...the boys had a blast climbing all over them...

  2. Oh wow - another blogger (Cheri of Life in the Carolina Mountains) went to Bele Chere too - how wonderful!!

    These are brilliant pics - I like the balcony one best! I do like it that the family here is getting into the spirit of things as you say - brilliant!

    Oh and that dental spa - I dread to think what went on in there as I do have a mortal fear of dentists! LOL!

    And I love the many buskers and stalls and just people having a great time in a fun festival!

    Thanks for sharing! Were you tempted by that guitar that doubles up as a drinks cup with straw? It's so quirky, I think I'd have gotten one! LOL!

    Take care

  3. Wow, that looks like a really cool pawty, wonder why my humans haven't gone?

  4. I love these kind of fairs and markets. I have once been to a medieval fair here and will never forget it.;) You always share the most interesting pictures.,)

  5. that looks like such great fun, just my sort of place x

  6. Hey neighbor - we live outside Asheville and go to Bele Chere every year. It was very hot but fun. Great to see your picts - love your home BTW - great find in the National Forest!


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