29 August 2010

Folk Art Center on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

We had planned on a lazy weekend, but when we got up yesterday morning, the weather was perfect here at Kat's Corner and even better up on the Blue Ridge.
Since as I pointed out the other day, summer is almost over, we decided to head back up to the mountains.
My Sweet Hubby and I were both raised in the Rocky Mountains. The Blue Ridge Mountains are not as tall, they are certainly more green, and they have a very different feel, but they are most certainly, mountains, and sometimes, that is just what we need. 
How would you like to have that view out your window? The ride up is beautiful. I have taken so many photos up on the blue ridge. It is amazing in all seasons and all weather (OK, I will admit, I am not going up when there is snow on the ground, but I am sure it is still amazing).
Here is another one of those amazing views. The Blue Ridge Parkway goes through several states. Someday, we want to drive the length of it with lots of hiking and camping along the way. I want to see what the other end is all about. Do roads call you like that too?
Look at that sky line. We were heading for two places, the Folk Art Center, and Craggy Gardens. 
The Folk Art Center is located at milepost 382 on the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is a partnership between the National Park Service and the Southern Highland Craft Guild. Each time we visit, there are different artists demonstrating their crafts. There are museum quality items on display as well as for sell.
Notice the display of hand made chairs hung up high?
This is a light and airy place with lots of room.
I bought a book on hand made art dolls.
Another view, you can get some idea of how many different things are available. The quilts alone are worth the trip. There are paintings, jewelry, Christmas ornaments, furniture, bowels, pottery, cards, even hand made brooms that would make Harry Potter proud.
There is a gallery upstairs that is full of wonderful things, no photography allowed though.
They have a sculpted clay dragon up there that looks like he is ready to speak.
These are Bowed Psalteries.
They are hand crafted by Rick Long.
He was playing one out in front when we arrived.
We bought one of the CD's and have already listened to it twice. The music is otherworldly.
Now if we could only get Loreena McKennitt to sing with him...
They come in two sizes and he says they are easy to play.
I can play a radio quite well and usually handle a good CD player, I don't think I am quite up to these.
Would you like a sample?
Mr. Long was kind enough to allow me to video him for you.
If  you are interested, he has a lot more information on his web site. You can purchase his instruments and CD's from the Folk Art Center any time or directly from him on his web site.
If you would like more information on the guild or on the Folk Art Center itself, see their web page.
As for the Craggy Gardens, yes, we did make it there and we had a nice hike. I took a bunch of photos. I will post my favorites here soon. I think I will save them for a post all on their own.
Have a great Monday,


  1. Y'all really had quite the tour, and I have heard how pretty it is up that way. The pictures were beautiful!

  2. that looks like a lot of fun...we need to make it that far south on the parkway...

  3. This place looks amazing! The tree poster alone is enough to set my heart beating wildly. What a grand experience. It looks like a place full of crafts I could spend days marveling at. The drive looks just stunning as well.

  4. Oh my goodness they look like the instruments Mr Spock of Star Trek plays!! Wow!!! That's brilliant!! Thanks for the clip - it didn't play here but I went to his site and there are clips of (ahem) x-mas songs to sample. Lovely!

    Those chairs on the wall are just surreal! :-)

    The mountains are just beautiful! I hope you get to do the length of the mountain ridge soon - that sounds amazing!

    Take care

  5. Is this part of the Smoky Mountains? Geography is not my thing.;) When I lived in NC I visited the mountains a lot and they are breathtaking, particularly in autumn when the foliage is changing.
    Beautiful photographs, the art center visit must have been very memorable.;)

  6. Wow, that is beautiful; I haven't seen one like this! I will have to share this with my oldest son--he is really talented and could probably pick this right up! I think this is the art place we stop at when we are on the parkway...I haven't seen these before---

  7. I will check out his website. Not sure if we will be going to the craft place or not while we are up there....we often do, but it just depends on what things we choose to do!


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