15 August 2010

White Water Rafting in North Carolina.

It it still pretty hot here in the south, but my Sweet Husband and I found a new way to cool down.
We went White Water Rafting on the Nantahala River in North Carolina!
Sometimes a little adrenalin is a great way to de-stress, this trip sure did the trick.
Our raft was one of several launched together. There were seven of us in the raft together.
Sara or "Sarsaparilla" is the one behind my Sweet Husband, (in this picture she is the only one with her paddle in the water) was our guide. She did a great job.
This stretch of the river has mostly class 1 and 2 rapids with lots of waves and a class 3 at the end. Class 5 is the worst, none of those on this trip. I took a waterproof disposable camera with me. I kept it tied around my neck and managed to get some good pictures with it, but they are not digital. The company we went with Wild Water Rafting has photographers stationed with a view of the class three waterfall at the end. That is where these photos came from. They are in order as they occurred. By the time we got to the falls, we had been on the river for a while. We "Spun on a rock" and we learned to spin the raft round in circles without hanging up on rocks. It rained for a while and the river was so cold, the rainwater felt warm. The water was misty and mysterious in some places. Part of the movie "Deliverance" was filmed on this river. I have never seen it so we are going to watch it soon.
Look at our faces, we can see what is coming.
Brace down and hang on to your paddles. You can just see part of my head and face at the back here, the nose of the boat was aiming up. There were three couples, the gentleman in the front claimed "He who swims o.k." as his river name. He took a turn at "riding the bull" that is where you dangle your legs over the front of the boat, hang on to the D-ring and lean back as the boat goes over the rapids. He got very wet, but stayed on. His wife, next to him, fell out of the boat at one point, she leaned the wrong way when she was getting ready to "ride the bull". Luckily our guide had them get into position while the waters were calm and Mrs. Swims o.k. was promptly pulled back in by the gentleman behind her. We will call him, "he who is good at pulling people out of the river". He and his wife, the middle couple, had been rafting several times prior to this trip.
Now you can see what is coming too. Oh my goodness, my heart was racing at this point.
Look at the grin on my Sweet Hubby!
Down we go. This sequence of photos in reality only took a few seconds.
The entire trip was a little over three hours including the bus ride to and from launch points (maybe two and a half hours on the water so make sure your sunscreen is waterproof). Remember these pictures were taken near the end. Once we were safely over the falls, we were able to turn and watch the next boat go over. They did not listen to their guide and two people got spilled out. We paddled like mad after one of them and "He who is good at pulling people out of the river" got to pull him in. The other was quickly rescued by a third boat.
The wave at this point has come up over my head. No worries, I know when to do as I am told.
There I am, see the water pouring over the side?
Did I mention the average water temp is 50 degrees F (approximately 10 degrees C)?
My expression should give some idea of just how cold that was. My grey T-shirt looks like a wet suit. Our glasses by the way are still on thanks to "Chums". They are a special type of strap designed for just that, worked wonderfully ( I want to know how he who swims o.k. kept that hat on though). It was a good thing  I kept my glasses as the scenery along the river was beautiful.
Everyone is laughing! Can we do it again?
Anyone else want to try?


  1. Wow, not that is some extreme cooling fur sure. Y'all sure are bold!!!

  2. Oh my goodness I think I need to lie down!!!

    WOW!!!! YIKES!! Oh my!! Well this is certainly a novel way of cooling down. :-)

    I love the action shots but by golly I feel sea-sick just looking at them - LOL!! You are all amazing!! You all look totally adrenalin pumped and raring to go!!

    WELL DONE!!!!! yay!! *clapping*!!

    As for the film "Deliverance" - one of my all time favourite films - but it scared the life out of me and still does!!!

    Take care and well done again! And thanks for these great shots!!

  3. ha. we did that in WV...on the new river gorge...what fun!

  4. Well it sure beats the heck out of sitting out on the veranda with a fan and a mint julep but I think I'd prefer the relative safety of the veranda because I are a chicken!

    Looks like you had quite the time, though, you brave woman!

  5. Oh my ~ you are one brave woman Kat!!! Keep me on dry land thank you! :)

    Looks like you had fun though!
    xo Catherine

  6. Jings, quite the adrenaline junkies you pair, aren't you?

    That looked like a lot of fun and a great experience to remember.

    But if I want to cool down I'll just jump in the shower.......


  7. Wow! These pictures are awesome! I went rafting several years ago and while I'm glad I did it, I was terrified almost every second. We were the only raft in our group that didn't flip! I've never worked so hard in my life. hahaha

  8. Are you sure of the water temperature!!!???? Up in Vermont where I used to swim as a kid it was in the low to mid 60's and we felt that was frigid.....but the 50's???? YIKERS. I would like to try this....but perhaps I need a bit more gentility. Do they offer less adventurous ones? I haven't been on a rafting thingy since long ago in a trip to Japan. My oldest son is rafting this weekend in Oregon.
    I think I will send him a link to this post.ps. I am from SC

  9. Ps. I wear glasses and I have no idea of what kind of band thing you are talking about....do you think it would come off if you fell in the water? I guess I could wear an older pair.....just thinkin.

  10. Goodness, Kat, I loved seeing those pictures but, thank you, mam, I believe that, for my 66th birthday in October, I will not do that. I wouldn't mind a little less hectic river rafting trip. Perhaps, with my weight, the darn raft would merely sink to the bottom when I boarded. I guess I prefer cruise ships, myself. White water rafting is for you younsters but I love seeing the photos!


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