26 November 2008

Cat Show

We went to the Cat Fanciers' Association Inc. Cat Show in Atlanta and I of course took my camera. For more information on the association or to see the winners go to http://www.cfa.org/awards/top25-championship.html

There were several hundred cats there. As you may have guessed, I love cats. We currently live with my Grand kitty Spontaneous (who has been pictured on this blog several times.) This is the first cat show we have attended and I hope it won't be the last. The first two pictures are shelter kitties who went to the show to find new homes and raise money for their shelter. I
don't know if they were adopted but they sure

were cute. I don't imagine they will be homeless for long. All of these kitties were quite
Charming seeking attention. They "mushed" their chins up to the bars and purred whenever anyone came close. The shelter kitties were arrayed quite near the entrance.
The IAMS stage was set by the shelter kitties. I did not catch the man's name, it was rather hard to hear what he was saying. Hearing was not required to enjoy the show. He claims to have trained his cats. Everyone knows you can't train a cat. His must really love him though as they were quite cooperative. These kitties literally jumped through hoops for him. They also and walked on tightropes, climbed ladders .
There were I believe twelve different arenas for judging and they were busy. That is a lot of

beautiful kitties! This photo is a group of
Birman's. Lucky judges got to play with all that
fluff. The grey sweet heart with the big eyes is
named "Diamond Dust".
I also took photos of some of the cat's carriers. Some of their owners have really decorated them up. These cat's deserve to be pampered.
The Persian with the pink bib looks just a little grumpy. (Isn't it adorable?) The bib is to keep him (His name is Joey, maybe the pink bib is why he looks grumpy?) pretty and neat for the judges when he has his snack.
Last but not least, Spontaneous, I brought her a new toy back from the show. Generously donated by the people from IAMS.


  1. Oh my! I have my kitty-fix for the night. This is the first time in my life I have not been owned by at least one kitty. With retirement and the chance to travel, I just never replaced the last one that tragically disappeared. Not knowing for sure what happened to her just kills me. We live on an island...where COULD she go? The park ranger said an eagle got her most likely.

  2. It's awful when they just don't come home one evening. I live in a overcrowded part of the world (South-east England) and sadly many lost cats over here are road victims. Just one thought - Do you know of anyone who moved off the island at around the time of his/her disappearance? If so, maybe it would be worthwhile enquiring where they relocated and telephoning around the local cat sanctuaries - it's quite common for cats to explore and get trapped in removal vans. You never know.. Tim

  3. Tim and Laura,
    Losing a pet in any fashion is difficult, but not knowing what happened has to make it worse.
    My Grandkitty, Spontaneous, lives with us for now, but only until her owner moves out. Our long time sweet heart, Amoke, died from Cancer a few years ago and we still miss her like crazy.


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