16 November 2008


OK, I know, there really should be a limit to the number of autumn leaf pictures any one should be subject too. I just could not resist one more. :) I hope it looks as nice on your computer as it does on mine. Hubby and I were out for a walk the other evening. We left a little later than we meant to. By the time we got to the far end of the road, The sun was starting to set and the leaves were just glowing. This particular bunch is right next to a lovely little stream. After I took this photo, I just stood there in wonder for a few minutes. The leaves were magical, birds were
singing, I could just hear the stream merrily going by. The woods smelled fresh and clean. That was one of those moments that keeps me whole. When I find them, I try to take time to appreciate them, hold them close. When I am stressed, that moment will be waiting for me, carefully stashed away.
The next morning, we woke up to this wet and rainy view. I did not mind in the least. Isn't it pretty? We need the rain, and, what a lovely excuse for a lazy, cozy day off. I had homework to do of course, but no where I needed to be.
It was chilly in the house to start with so my sweet Hubby lit a fire in the fireplace. Our second
fire of the season. All that work a few months ago is certainly paying off.
I love to be cozy! I do not like to be too cold, but in order to truly appreciate cozy, you need a little chill in the air. This is what we call "SNUGGLE SEASON". I fall asleep best tucked up close to my Hubby with the blankets pulled close around my ears. In the morning, the day just starts better if I can hit the snooze button a few more times and snuggle back in under the blankets.
This fireplace is in our library. When we bought this lovely old house the chimneys were threatening to fall in and none of the fireplaces were usable. Most were boarded up. We had the chimneys rebuilt and four fireplaces restored. My Hubby found the bricks in the arch on the premises and had them incorporated into the design. This is a nice cozy fire and makes for a nice cozy room. In another corner of the same room, my grandkitty Spontaneous is demonstrating her version of cozy. She is curled up on a tuffet. What could be
cozier than that?
Once the fire was going well, we proceeded to spend most of a lovely rainy day in this cozy room. A long and scrumptious breakfast, (Guacamole omelets) and plenty of Nice British tea. One of the most delicious things about this lovely day was the fact that the season is just beginning.
How do you get cozy this time of year?

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