09 November 2008

Mood Improvement

This list started out as "Ten things that improve my mood as the days grow shorter." However, it grew so fast, I didn't see any point in limiting it.
1- Snuggling in on a cold morning.
2- Walks in the woods. (With camera and Hubby of course.)
3- Holiday specials on TV.
4- A good book that I have not already read by one of my favorite authors. (I recently found an Agatha Christie I had not read yet "N or M" Pure Bliss!)

5- A great book that I have read before and
loved. (Anything by Charles De Lint, Anna Mcaffery, Mercedes Lackey, Agatha Christie, Rita Mae Brown & Sneaky Pie Brown, and many more.)

6- Traveling and seeing new things with my family.
7- Having someone tell me I helped them to feel better.
8- A fire in the fireplace.
9- Sitting on the balcony when it is warm out.
10- Writing in my blogs and reading other peoples blogs.
11- Reading my collection of Christmas Magazines. (I only save the Christmas ones,
I have some going back into the 1980's. Even the

adds are fun.
12- Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit.
13- Rain on my metal roof at night.
14- A lovely cup of hot tea. Today it is "PG Tips" a British tea we are lucky enough to be able to obtain from the Commissary. It is shown here in an Old Russian Tea Glass with scenes commemorating the launch of Sputnik by the former Soviet Union. (Do you remember Sputnik? How about Sky Lab?)
15- Hot Chocolate.
16- The sound of our clocks chiming.
17- Christmas music. (I will start out early in the
season with it on my Ipod so I won't make the

family crazy before the day actually arrives.)
18- Candles, not the scented ones, just the lovely soft glow.
19- Baking cookies. (Need I say more?)
20- A purring cat.

I keep thinking of more things to add, like the Frankencense and Myrrh my sweet hubby will soon be burning to scent the house, or vintage buttons, or finding a dandelion to photograph in November. So even though I really do not like to be cold. I love this time of year.
What improves your mood when the days get darker?

P.S. In the new issue of Artful Blogging, (The magazine that got me started on this lovely pass time)I read about http://shabbyscraps.typepad.com/ and how her husband did not like her dress form. Several people sent photos of their dress forms and she was able to convince him. Well, my dress form holds a set of Sixteenth Century Footman's armor. I posted a photo here so she could see it.

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