07 December 2008

Ten Things I like about Cats

1. Cats can be very cuddly. (It is entirely up to them of course.)
2. Cats are fairly self sufficient. They enjoy spoiling, but do not really need it. (We are not supposed to know that.)
3. Cats are full of character. They all have unique personalities.
4. Cats are picky. Most dogs will love anyone who feeds them and pays them attention. If your cat loves you, you must deserve it.
5. Cats don't need a lot of food, they are after all, at least partially solar powered. ( Now you know why they love to stretch out in the sun.)
6. Cats are experts at stress management and they love to set a good example. When they do get stressed, they never stay that way for long.
7. Cats are natural therapists. They always seem to know when we need them.
8. They groom themselves. (Some need a little assistance, but you can choose which kind suits you best.)
9. Cats are natural entertainers. Even asleep they are cute.
10. They come already box trained by their Mother's. If your kitty was raised outside and you want them to use a box, just start by putting dirt in the box, then gradually add litter each time you clean it. (You need to change it much more often while it has dirt.) The kitty will do the rest.
All of the lovely kitties in this weeks post were photographed at the Atlanta Cat show from last weeks post. If this post has you thinking you would like a kitty to live with you. Why not visit your local shelter? Please remember though, you should never pick out a pet as a gift to someone else. Adoption is rewarding, but it is also for keeps.
Next week, something besides cats.

1 comment:

  1. The kitty by #8 was particularly adorable- nice work photographing that beauty!
    Everything you say here is, of course, fully true- gotta love those kitties!


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