06 July 2008

Another Sunday morning in our woods

It's a lovely day here in the woods. My husband and I took our first Cuppa out on the porch. It rained earlier this morning and everything sparkles. Can't take photos as my camera is charging. Sometimes it is nice just to enjoy without trying to capture it on film. (OK, so it is digital and it doesn't use film, how would you say it? Capture it on memory card just doesn't sound quite the same.) Anyway, we listened to the frogs, the birds and our wild bees. It is so peaceful.
The first picture today is of the stream on the far end of our road. It is the destination when we walk in that direction. There are tiny fish in it almost year round. There is enough water in it right now to sound lovely but we could sure use more rain. The walk is just over a mile in each direction and the view changes just a little each day.
Nature is always busy out here, one of the reasons I love it. This next flower is growing down by our mailbox. There are several of them and they are on stems that are about 2 to 3 feet tall. As usual, I have no idea what they are. I just like them. They will probably be gone in a few days and something else will come up.
I think the red bird is a small cardinal. We see them often, the males have crests and are shaped just like cardinals, but they are about the size of a parakeet. They are very fast and a bit camera shy. I have been trying to get a photo of one for quite a while. I took this one the other day on our walk. I took 3 or 4, but this is the only one he show up in. Persistence!
I also attempted to take a picture of our bees going into the base of the column. No luck, my husband tried, better, but not quite what I wanted. The bees, like the
little birds, are just too fast. I will keep trying because they are such a part of summer here.
Our home grown tomatoes are starting to ripen. They have the best flavor. We have two different types, one bush of cherry tomatoes and one of Tommytoes. The Tommytoes are, I believe, an old fashioned variety. They are larger than the others and full of flavor. The only other food plant we are growing right now is my rosemary. We don't use a lot of rosemary but the plant is lovely and they get quite large here. Lander University has several on campus that are waist height and 3-4 feet around.
Our sweet kitty just jumped up on my lap and started to purr. Guess I will have to type with one hand for a minute. She is very affectionate and silly. She was laying in the bathroom sink waiting for me to get up this
morning so she could have a "sink drink". She will drink from her bowl, but she loves to drink water from the tap.
She jumped down, it is a little warm. Now she is laying on her back with her paws in the air. SILLY!

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