27 July 2008

What a beautiful day

This first photo is just goes to show that Mother Nature will win. If you look closely you can see that all this new growth is on a tall stump that the loggers left behind in the spring. I love it, it gives me hope every time I look at it. I know it is silly but it gives me hope for the whole world.

Yesterday was wonderful. I finished my last test for the semester in the morning (I get a little more than a month off school now) then my sweet Hubby took me out for lunch at a new British Restaurant in town. It was great. The decoration is
just right. It really felt like a British Pub. We will go back. I, of
course took several photos. Guess I will have to do a scrapbook
page on that too.

When we went for our walk, the sky was overcast and there was a lovely breeze. The temp was perfect and the bugs mostly left us alone.

This beautiful creature came to visit the other day. I took the first photo through the screen door, just in case. Then with the aid of my Hubby (he held the door quietly) I managed to sneak out on to the porch and get more photos with the built in
telephoto. This little camera of mine is amazing. These photos
were taken from quite a ways away. I see deer often on the way
to and from work.

I love them. I also acknowledge the fact that they need to be hunted. They are very prolific here and the climate is good to them. If the hunters don't take some for food, there will not be enough natural forage for them. My heart hurts to think of shooting them harm, but starving slowly to death isn't nice
either. Thank goodness I don't have to be the one with the gun.
I prefer to do my shooting with the camera, what do you think?

My Hubby is preparing to repaint the railings. This little guy came by to visit. I got the first photo, then I startled him. I waited a minute and when he peaked over the side, he was so cute I couldn't resist.

Breakfast is almost ready, the berries were lovely and my sweet Husband seems to think I am not spoiled enough already. So this is what I am looking forward to.

The last photo, is called Spontaneous relaxation. Spontaneous is this sweet kitty's name and she is better at relaxing than anyone else I have ever met. Have a great week.

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