20 July 2008

Sound Track

This lovely old Elm tree stands just outside my back door. It wears a necklace of poison ivy. Since there are no small children here and the rest of us have enough sense not to touch it, we leave her decoration to Mother Nature. I am not sure what niche in the ecology is filled by Poison Ivy, but it is beautiful. Just looking at this picture makes me think of the old lullaby, "Rock a bye baby".

I enjoy a wide variety of music and my life certainly has it's own soundtrack. If I don't wake up in the morning with a song in my head, I usually have one before I finish breakfast. Don't get me wrong, I don't spend my days spontaneously bursting in to song like an old Doris Day movie. (Although I do enjoy watching old musicals, Doris Day, Bing Crosby, Ginger Rogers & Fred Estair, Oklahoma) I rarely sing out loud. I just hear the music.

My Husband will sing out whenever he gets the
mood. He has a great sense of humor so he often
"warps" the songs just a little. The song "Let it snow", became "Let's go home", on a lovely winter day when he was working and wanted to go play.
When I listen to a lot of music, my overall mood improves. We are listening to a collection of Sea Shanties right now, (I think that is what they are called?) When we were putting primer up on the wall for "the project" we listened to a double CD of music from the old "Dr. Dimento" Show and Duran Duran's greatest hits. I currently have Loreena McKennet's "An Ancient Muse" in my pickup's CD player. I have music by Blackmore's Night, Dead
Can Dance, Steelye Span and The Beatles in the
pickup waiting to play. My Ipod is full of pod casts
from "Thistle Pod","Marc Gunn's Celtic Podcast" and other Folk music.
Are you starting to see a theme here? I will sing out in crowds. (but only when they are also singing) I like the sound of my voice blending with others. I am also quite capable of dancing to the music, anytime, anywhere, even if no one else can hear it.
What is on your soundtrack?

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