12 July 2008

One day early

I am posting one day early as I am scheduled to work tomorrow. I don't usually work weekends but I don't mind. It is Saturday and we were surrounded by fog this morning. very atmospheric. The temperature was lovely too. I didn't even look at the thermometer. I took today's first photo from the steps to my back door. The building is an old summer kitchen.

We went for a short walk before breakfast. We had some mail that needed to go in the box. I took my camera and on the way back I got the pictures of the mushrooms and the choke cherries. I have no idea what kind of mushrooms those are but they are quite pretty with the dew drops.
The choke cherries are another matter entirely. I
remember picking and eating them up in what I
believe was Ogden Canyon as a child. I am originally
from Ogden Utah. We went choke cherry picking with some of my parent's friends and I remember Frankie telling me I was going to have a belly ache if I didn't start putting more in the bucket and less in me. I must have been about 5 at the time. I remember it was a pretty day and that I liked the fruit, but I don't remember if I ever got that belly ache.

I was thrilled when we discovered we had wild choke cherries here. That is until I discovered that they like to grow high up in the tree
and we can't reach them.....
Oh well, the birds are happy and when they are happy, they sing. We get a chorus almost all day long.

The screens on my front windows, well most of my windows, are old. I like the view from them
and how the screen shows as part of the pattern. It all adds up as part of why I love to live here. The other day this moth stopped by to visit and I of course, had my camera in reach. I initially wanted to
see how good of a close up I could get of the moth through the screen. When I looked through the lens, I saw this and decided it was what I wanted.
This old place charms me in a new way nearly every day. (Kind of like my husband. He has been charming me for more than half my life.)

The strawberry pancakes are another example of how much my husband spoils me. This was breakfast a few Sunday's ago. They taste even better than they look. I am quite lucky.
He is my love and my best friend. We have done a lot together and are planning on doing a lot more.
We both want to travel as much as possible before we get much older and we enjoy our home together. He is my biggest fan and always cheers me on. With that note, I think I will go see what he is up to. See you next week.

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