27 July 2014

A trip downtown, in Ogden Utah

I grew up in Ogden Utah. When I was a kid, a trip downtown was something special. My Mom's office was downtown (This was in an era when most Moms did not work outside the home, I have always been proud of all that my Mom accomplished). A trip downtown might be shopping for school clothes, or to have lunch with Mom at "Snappy Service Cafe", or maybe to watch a parade from her office window. (As a kid, I would have preferred being down on the street for the parades, they often threw candy from the floats). 
My Mom's office was above "The Fun Shop". It carried all sorts of joke items, posters, and magic tricks. If you grew up there, you will remember it. Unfortunately, that building is gone now. 

When I was in Utah a few weeks ago, my friend Danette and I took a trip downtown. 
 Light fixture in Ogden City and County Building
Light fixture in the Ogden Municipal Building. Danette had some business inside so I tagged along. I have not been in there for decades. I remembered that as a child, I thought it was "Neat" building, but did not remember why. Now I remember, let me show you some of the details. 

 Elevator Doors
How many public buildings built now have such beauty in the details. Beauty just to make the day a little nicer for the people who had business in the building.
The nice lady working behind the desk told us that they are doing some repair work. I am glad that they are not "Modernizing".
Note the plaque on the wall, I enlarged it in the corner so you can read it. This was a Public Works Agency Building.
Windows above the entrance. 
Carved Details 
This is carved on the side of the counter where you go to apply for building permits. Right at the level where a kid in there with her Dad would notice it.
My partner in crime (and coffee). Danette is my other sister. We might have different parents, but we are still sisters. 
Remember the painted cows that appeared in cities all over the country several years ago? Cherokee NC has painted bears and Ogden Utah has horses. This one is in front of the Ogden City and County Building.
The park around the City and County Building is beautifully landscaped. When I was a kid they set up a "Christmas Village" with displays by church groups and local businesses. Walking through it was magical. I wonder if they still set it up?
 More Horses
Here are more of the horses. As you can see, there is a variety of paint themes. 
 Peery's Egyptian Theater Marquee
Here is another of my favorite places downtown. The Egyptian Theater. I have so many great memories inside this wonderful old building. There were two theaters downtown, the Egyptian and the Orpheum. Unfortunately the Orpheum is gone. The Egyptian is still going strong. 
 Egyptian Details
The outside of the building is beautiful, the inside is even better. They were closed when I was there with Danette so no pictures this time, maybe on my next visit out west?
 Egyptian Ticket Booth
Peery's Egyptian Theater 
Gods on the roof and Scarabs holding it up. What more can you ask for in an Egyptian building? I am sure that growing up around all this influenced me. 
The next picture is the ceiling above the ticket booth. You did not mind waiting when there was so much to look at.

 Children on a sled
Utah is a great place for families. There is an emphasis on the children that makes it easier to be a family. For instance, both the Egyptian and the Orpheum had "Crier Rooms" upstairs where Moms could take fussy children and still be able to see and hear the movie. 
 The park behind the City and County Building
This is new and I approve. What a lovely place to wander around in on a Utah Summer Day. 
 Ben Lomand Peak
You can't get lost in Ogden, as long as you can see the peak, you can figure out where you are at. This peak is nick named "Rocky" because when there is snow on it, you can see an elf's face complete with little pointy cap. 
 Ogden Utah
Ogden has so much more to see and do. It is a great place to visit. While you are downtown, visit Ogden's Historic 25th street. There are historic houses, museums, The Union Station, the Aerospace Museum at Hill Air Force Base, and a Dinosaur Park.
Intrigued? There is so much more, see Visit Ogden Utah for more information. 
On that note, my breakfast is ready.


  1. It looks like a wonderful place to grow up and full of happy memories for you. I'm sorry to hear of your loss, family is very special and I enjoyed being introduced to more members of your family.

  2. Christmas Village lives on. Thanks for your post =)


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