06 July 2014

The importance of Family

I went back to Utah to spend time with my Family last week.
We just lost someone we love very much and we gathered to remember her. This post is dedicated to the rest of my Family. 

 This is my big brother Pete. He is featured in several posts. When I was little, he taught me how to play chess so he would have someone to practice with. We played all sorts of board games, cowboys and indians, and army. When I left my handed down bike to close to the driveway and my Dad ran it over, Pete used money saved from his newspaper route to buy me a new one. He is seven years older than me but he always had time for me (he still does). 

 Paula and Kat
Paula is closest to my age. We were typical sister's. We played together, we argued with each other, then we played some more. I know she played barbies with me long after she outgrew them. 

Lila, Pete, Kat, Parley Jr.
This is Pete's family.

Kris and Danette
Because some family is chosen rather than born. We may have different parents, but we are still Sisters.  

 Jillian, James, and Kayla
Kayla is Paula's daughter, Jillian and James are hers. 

Paula and Scott
Scott is Paula's Son. 

Julia, Scott, Kristy, Shanoa, and Maisy
This is Scott's family. Thank you Kristy for taking such good care of him! 

 Kayla and Heather
Heather is my Sister Margaret's daughter. These two girls have a huge chunk of my heart. 

 Kelly and some of the little ones.
This is one of my favorite pictures. Kelly looks so relaxed. I hate to admit it, but I cannot remember the little ones names. There were so many people there that I love. After a while, I just put the camera away and enjoyed the love. So if your picture is not here, it does not mean you are not loved. 

 Patrick and Family
I am so very proud of you Pat!

 Amy and Britt
Britt is one of my great nieces, Amy is her Mom.

Ian is my great nephew. A very talented young man. 

Dell, JD (James), Zane, and Becca
I am not sure why they were leaning, but I love my crazy family! 
For more posts on my family see:
As I said in an earlier post "We are connected by unbreakable threads, past, present, and future. Family is a word like Joy, it somehow does not seem big enough or strong enough to really convey all that it means. I have an amazing family, I am loved". 

So take a minute and hug the people you love. If they are not within reach, call them, or write them a letter and tell them they are loved. We do not know how much time we have.

Last Look at my mountains
This was taken from the airplane window on my way home. Next week I will show you photos of Ogden Utah and Fish Haven Idaho.



  1. I am sorry that you lost someone close to you and we send you love and hugs. You have a terrific family, thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. def all about the hugs...and i am sorry for your loss...but i am glad you got to see so many of your family...family is def important...and we need to make time for them....


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