03 August 2014

Up the road to Fish Haven Idaho

My last trip to Utah included a short side trip to see family in Idaho.
Fish Haven Idaho
I tease them a lot about it. It is not very big and I think it has a silly name, but it is a nice place to spend some time in the summer (they like it in winter too but you know I hate the cold).
 These first three pictures were taken out the window while we drove up to Idaho. 
 It is not always this green.
 It is a beautiful drive any time.
 First view of Bear Lake
There is a place you can pull over to take pictures of this first view. I have not been up there in more than 30 years. I forgot just how lovely it really is.
 Bear Lake in the distance
This is taken at a different spot at the same stop. Doesn't it just call to you? 
 Purple Wildflower
Color everywhere you look. 
 Raspberry Stand
Speaking of color, this place is just as you go into town. Fresh picked Raspberries, doesn't that sound tasty on a hot summers day?
 The Tree Lady
I don't know her story. She is carved from a tree stump then painted. She stands sentinel at the side of the road.
Here you can see why Fish Haven attracts so many visitors in the summer. Lovely spot, great fishing!
 Peaceful View
How would you like to wake up and look at that with your first cup of coffee?
Here are a couple of full time Fish Haven Residents. They offered to give me a tour, for fish of course.
 Glady's Place
Interior view. Need drinks, ice, lottery tickets, souvenirs, or just someone nice to talk to for a few? Stop on in. If your lucky my great niece will make you a sandwich.
 Booths in the back
If you need a break, here is a great spot. Glady's has booths where you can eat that sandwich.
 Can't miss it
Just look for the sign.
Parting view
Can you see all the poppies in bloom?
It is a short post, but it was a quick trip. Hope you enjoyed it. I sure did.

See you next time


  1. I don't believe we've seen many photos from Idaho, thanks for showing us around. It looks like a nice area!

  2. love the rock formation in that 3rd pic...and i would have totally been a sucker for the raspberry stand....aww...cute little hug by the cats...i havent been to idaho in probably 10 years....


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