15 May 2011

Forrest rambles.

We decided to go a little further afield for our walk.
The trusty VW Van provided transportation.
It likes to get out for a spin every now and then. 
See, the gate is ajar, guess that means we are welcome.
Then we go down a little country road. 
So peaceful. 
Even a mud puddle can be pretty!
Look at all that red clay. 
The puddle is occupied.
The occupant is shy, but thanks to the zoom button, photogenic none the less.  
Haven't seen this path before,
wonder what is down there. 
We have camped in this area numerous times each summer since we moved here and we did not know this was here. This is a short walk from one of our favorite camp sites.
It really is as peaceful as it looks. All we could hear was birds and bugs.



  1. ha. cute little frog...and it looks just the place to explore for a bit...

  2. I always enjoy seeing your beautiful pictures! Have a great Sunday!

  3. Oh how lovely and peaceful!!! Is that creature a frog or snake? Stunning! Thanks for sharing these amazing pics! Enjoy your trip! Take care

  4. Love the van, puddle occupant, and you!
    Your youngest daughter misses you!

  5. Beautiful images of spring.;) You bring the memories of North Caroline ever so closer.;))

  6. Thank you for the walk x beautiful photos

  7. Kat, I enjoyed seeing your car-camping trip. We used to have a VW camper. Always an adventure. Your photogenic frog looks as happy as anyone could ever get in the muddy water.

  8. It reminds me of my muddy Chattahoochee River back home in Georgia...one of the backwater areas!!!

    In fact, most of your photos make me homesick for the South...but only for a short while. I have loved living in the San Francisco area for nearly 35 years!


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