27 May 2011

Day Three, Shanghai exploration.

Thursday, May 5th, My Sweet Husband and I went exploring on our own. 
There was a lot to explore!
So much that this day will be two posts. 
Remember the tall white pointed structure in the view from our hotel?
The "Monument to the Peoples Heroes".
We started our exploration with a walk over the river to see it. 
Wish I could read this, no English translation provided here.
There is a large circular wall around the base of the structure,
it is carved in relief with historical figures, I assume they are from The Revolution. 
They are intriguing in more than one way.
Remember, I spent 21 years in the U.S. military,
I never expected there would come a time when I would be able to wander freely, and take such photographs, in the heart of China. Maybe there is hope for the world after all.
I also really liked the monument from an artistic standpoint.
It is moving, even without knowing the story behind it.
Can't you just hear the stirring music?
My Sweet Husband on The Bund.
We rode this capsule through the "Bund Sightseeing Tunnel".
It was unique.
Here is the video, lots of flashing lights.

The tunnel goes under the river to the other side.
Next stop, Pearl tower.
This photo was taken from one of the observation decks on the "Pearl Tower".
The tall pointy white structure with the circular base is the monument we visited earlier.
Across the river and to the left is a tall brick structure, that is our hotel.
My Sweet Husband sitting on the glass floor.
I did go out on it, but I could not look straight down!
Cool refreshing drink anyone?
There is an arcade level in the pearl tower.
I have no idea who these two characters are,
sure wish I could read that sign.
Still in the arcade.
I have no idea what this thing does, but it looks fascinating.
The gentleman next to it, is wearing the uniform of the male Pearl Tower Employees.
I did not get a picture of the ladies version.
View from the lower observation deck.
Now that is a traffic circle.
All this and it is barely lunch time.
Next post, I'll show you where we went for lunch.
Our hotel in Singapore had Wi-fi access, but it was very expensive.
We meant to stop in at a McDonalds with my Ipod so I could post to the blog, but we never quite managed it. Later on in the vacation we discovered that you can not reach the blogger page from China.
I tried several different times and finally resorted to asking the lady in the hotel's business center.
She could not access it either. Apparently it is blocked.
Meanwhile back in the Carolinas,
It is nice to be back home. I am back at work and back in school. Sigh, it was great while it lasted.
It will probably take most of the month of June for me to post all I want to share from our visit.


  1. Such beautiful pictures, and such an interesting place!

  2. the relief on that circular wall is so cool! and the glass bottom..umm...not sure if i could do that...ha

  3. Wow that Bund ride is one psychedelic experience!! Bizarre!!! Oh but what a ride!! Yay!!

    What an absolutely fantastic place - it's another world altogether. It's equally bizarre that it seems to have embraced much of the trappings of westernization (coca cola!) but yet politically - it's still as scary - (blogger banned - I mean come on, it's blogger!). What a place to visit though - very memorable!

    Thanks so much for sharing - I look forward to more! Take care


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