31 May 2011

Day three afternoon, more Shanghai Exploration

This is my Sweet Husband on the bridge to the Huxinting Tea House.
This is where we went for lunch.
The Huxinting Tea House is supposed to be the inspiration for the Blue Willow China pattern.
 Go to Blue Willow Story for a quick version of the story.
The Huxingting Tea House is just outside the Yu gardens that we visited on our first day in Shanghai.
It sits in the middle of an artificial lake with statues and koy.
It was part of the original garden, it has been a tea house since 1855.

A proper tea. Huxinting style.
The little eggs are boiled in tea leaves.
I'm not sure what the other things were, but it was all good.
Jasmin Fairy Tea.
A quiet moment.
Huxinting Tea House interior.
Look at all that wood!
Tea House Staff.
Uniforms are quite popular in China.
View from the Tea House window.
The artificial lake.
After we restored our energy at the tea house, we went exploring in the old town.
This is a familiar sign.
My Sweet Husband at the Yu Bazaar.
He is great at barganing.
We bought several gifts for friends and family.
After several hours of walking and shopping, we worked up an appetite.
This is the line for dumplings at Nan Xiang. Very few people speak English in China, even the young ones. While we were waiting in line, my Sweet Husband saw someone walking by eating what looked like Tofu. He asked "is that Tofu"? Apparently that sounded like something quite funny in Chinese.
This is for the take out window. They only serve meat dumplings as take out so we went up stairs to the restraunt. The dumplings were worth waiting for.
All lit up at night.
The old town is well lit.
Lots of neon.
Back on the bund.
Modern Shanghai.
China's Red flag flies from the top of The Peace Hotel on the bund. 
What a day!
More from our China trip soon.


  1. What an amazing tea!! I love how it's presented! The mini aquarium water in the tea pot is fantastic!!!! WOW!! The whole thing is a work of art, truly!

    And I love the story behind the blue willow china pattern! How romantic!

    Glad you and hubby had some yummy dumplings!

    Another fantastic insight into this most wonderful and exotic of places! Thanks for sharing, take care

  2. so cool...i love the architectue...and that jasmin tea looks like a work of art itself...

  3. What beautiful pictures! HeeHee, Starbucks is everywhere!

  4. Awesome photos, looks like so much fun!!

  5. Looks like an amazing trip. The tea house and the tea are so exquisite. I love blue willow ware...we use ours everyday.
    Starbucks and the tea house are quite a contrast between the ancient and modern.

  6. The peace hotel and tea house look amazing. Live the plate too.

  7. What wonderful things you and hubby are seeing and doing Kat! Good for you too!
    xo Catherine


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