28 April 2011

Southern early morning entertainment.

Early morning, springtime in the Carolinas.
These bloom across from my driveway. 
Our bees are busy once again.
We have a hive of wild bees that share our home.
They have lived here longer than we have (we did evict the mice who were in residence before us, they are not welcome). The bees are nondestructive and as long as you don't swat at them, they will leave you alone. I used to be afraid of bees and my older sisters and brothers probably think I am nuts, but I really don't mind these guys. Wild bees have been having a rough time so we were a little worried when ours seemed to disappear after they swarmed last fall. As you can see, they are back with lots of activity.  
The season's first Magnolia blossom.
This is our view while from the side porch. 
We had tea out here this morning and listened to the cicadas and the birds.
The cicadas are quite friendly. One perched on my Sweet Husbands finger for awhile then complained loudly when he was removed. I videoed a repeat performance for you. Don't forget to turn on the sound.

 Wild roses.
 Springtime gold.
 Snakeskin in a tree.
Bet you did not know the Easter Bunny vacations in the Carolinas after his busy day.
Here he is.
Hope you had a lovely morning too.


  1. Such a lovely place! Howdy Easter Bunny, I wondered where you hopped off to!

  2. Oh wow!! You have wild bees!! It's so brilliant to see them back!!! They are becoming so precious and rare so it's brilliant, really really brilliant to see a wild hive here!! Yay!!!!! That's made my evening, thank you!!

    Awww but a close second has to be that cicada!! Wow!!! What a song it sings!!! Yay!!!! Lovely!!!

    I love your pics of spring blooms and little rabbit!!! Thanks for sharing, take care

  3. caught a 6 foot black snake last week...just moved him on away from where the boys play...dont miss the cicadas...we used to get them real bad in MD....

  4. I love the bees and so glad you are sharing your home, they are so important.
    as for the snake skin.....erm not so sure about snakes!


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