08 April 2011

Speechless, but feeling lucky, after the storm.

It has been a busy week.
I was off Monday and we spent the day goofing off. 
Monday night, a storm came in and it was a doozy.
We woke up Tuesday morning to find one of our old oaks, down across the driveway.
Good thing we were not planning on going anywhere in a hurry. 
 What a mess.
We were very lucky though.
If the wind had been blowing the other way, this tree would have taken out all three vehicles that were parked out front.
 See what I mean, we were not going anywhere in a hurry.
I told you we were lucky.
The tree guys were able to come out right away.
It took them quite a while to clear the way.
 Fallen giant.
This was such a lovely old tree.
We were much luckier than this guy.
I believe he is a former resident.  
We lost a ceder too.
Once again, we were lucky, it did not hit anything. 
The house lost a little trim too, but we were able to find all the pieces and it is already fixed. 
Just down the road where we walk,
two trees came down together.
I can't tell which one started it but they made quite a mess.
Our power went out during the storm and stayed out till late Tuesday evening. 
This interesting fellow was supposed to be my Wordless Wednesday post.
Check out that tail.  
Another interesting visitor.
I wonder what he will look like when he grows up. 
The dogwood is blooming! 
Flowers in the rock garden.
As for speechless, I lost my voice because of allergies.
My family who reads this will think this is quite funny as my Father always insisted the "Chatty Cathy" doll was named after me.    :)
Lucky for me, I have the next three days off and my Sweet Hubby says he will take care of me.


  1. Wow, scary! We're glad you're okay and lost only a bit of trim. We hope any neighbours you have are okay too!

  2. Wow, it is always so sad to see a big oak come down. Glad all your cars and house was spared! The storm wasn't bad right where I am , but a tornado knocked some stuff around outside of town.

  3. wow that was a powerful storm...scary too...glad you made it through...the winds here have been terrible...ripped the roof off a house nearby...love that little lounge lizard...

  4. Kat it is such a shame when big trees come down you notice the space they have left, glad not too much damage was done though.

  5. That was some storm!! Oh those poor trees and the animals who lived in and on it!! Oh dear!! I'm glad you are all safe and sound. I hope that;s the end of the stormy weather!! Do please take extra care!

    I'm hoping that amazing caterpillar is going to transform into the most beautiful butterfly ever! I hope so!!

    As for that wonderful lizard with the forked tail!! Wow!!!

    Take care and I hope you get better asap!! x

  6. I'm sure glad you are okay, but it's a shame to lose such a beautiful tree. We got lucky up here, the storms missed it but some areas were pretty bad.

  7. Thanks everyone! There are other trees down in the area but no injuries. We were lucky.

  8. I'm glad no one was hurt in your storm or that your house wasn't damaged too much!!

    Ummm.... the little green guy with the tail.... not so cute!! :(

    Happy Weekend Kat!
    xo Catherine

  9. Great photos, Kat. They make me think that life is wonderful if not a tad hazardous. I'm glad you survived without much damage.

  10. It also breaks my heart a little bit when I see a tree down like that as I think about the years that it took for it to grow to that size and the memories that it must hold within its branches.

    Glad to hear that no one was hurt and there was no other damage but still ...

  11. Mother Nature can certainly wreak havoc. I am just glad that you weren't hurt. In January 2008, just after I'd finish paying off my van, about two blocks from the hospital, my van was totaled by a falling tree. It was in an incredible storm and the tree covered the entire two lanes of a divided street. I was stunned but not really hurt. Luckily for me, though it was rush hour traffic time, no cars were behind me. The ambulance building was just behind me a block and the guys were there in an instant, taking me to my own ER! I definitely had residual pain for a couple of weeks and, of course, I had to get new transportation!

    LOVE the dogwood.


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