24 April 2011

Misty April morning and rare visitors.

It is a misty moisty April morning here in the Carolinas.
My woods are a magical combination of mist and sunshine.
I threw on some clothes, grabbed the camera and headed outside before I even got my first cup of tea.
Old Barn in the mist.
As you can see, the photos are rushing outside for. 
Old Barn and Elm.
I love living here! 
Southern Spring in the woods, view from my front porch. 
Spiderwebs and dandelion fluff. 
Misty forest at the edge of the yard. 
Ground Spider Web.  
 Freesias in the early morning.
And now, our rare visitors.
This little guy is about three quarters of an inch (about 1.9cm) long.
He is a Red - Eyed Cicada.
According to an article in our local paper, they spend most of their lives underground and only emerge to shed their skins and reproduce every 13 years. They are harmless and they sing. 
We do have cicadas every summer, but they are a different variety (not as pretty) and there are not as many of them. The article quotes the Forest service as saying the cicadas will not harm the trees. 
Yes, I know it is a bug, but isn't it pretty?
It looks as if it is made from silver, gold and coral.  
I am not sure if this one is a stage, or a mutation. It is the only white one that I saw.  
This photo shows another cicada and several empty exoskeletons on a little cedar tree.  
Cicada close-up on cedar branch.
So delicate. 
Cicada exoskeleton close-up.
What do you think? Pretty or "icky"?
I say pretty, Spontaneous just wants to know if she can catch one.
Cheers folks,
Happy Easter!


  1. Those are great pictures, they really get the imagination going! Happy Easter from all of us to all of you!

  2. nice..i love misty mornings and some neat bug pics...esp the cattydids....

  3. I love cicadas!! I think they are so amazing and because they "sing"!! Awwww!! They're lovely and part of a fab cycle of life!!

    I'm a little weirded out with the ground spider web but again - it's beautiful in its own natural way!!

    HAPPY EASTER!!! Take care

  4. Fantastic photos. What beautiful bugs you have there. No wonder you want to take their photographs......

  5. Amazing! How lucky we are you were aware enough to capture these cicadas! I totally agree with you about the ground spider web...it IS beautiful.


So, what do you think? Did you like it? I love hearing from you.


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