22 October 2010

Salem Ma.

We visited Salem and Boston on the same trip,
I saved this post till it got closer to Halloween.
Can you see why?
 This shop is called "Salem's 13 ghosts".
This one is "New England Magic".
Are you seeing a theme here?
 Salem is quite proud of it's historical connection to witches,
although, I think they would prefer live ones now.
 I am quite pleased with this photo,
Love the way the color in the reflection hints at autumn leaves to come.
This statue is in honor of Roger Conant.
He was the first settler in Salem.
He lived here by himself for many years.
Very atmospheric statue.
Salem also has a long connection with ships and sailing.
This collection of ships figure heads is on display at the Peabody and Essex Museum.
I like the fine example down in front the best, does he look familiar?
Good thing he has such a great sense of fun.
 This is a "moon bed" brought over from China,
Wouldn't you love to wake up in that?
 Of course, I managed to find some cats!
This one kind of reminds me of Spontaneous, (OK, only a little).
It is an old Chinese incense burner.
 A pair of lovely old tigers,
also residing in the Peabody and Essex.
This is the back of the Yin Yu Tang house.
It housed several generations of the same family,
then it was disassembled, and brought from a rural village in southeastern china to Salem.
It was reassembled as part of the Peabody and Essex.
No photography allowed inside so you will have to
look here Yin Yu Tang .
The museum has an exhibition
We were in the first group on the first day it opened!
No photos in there either, so see the link.
Yes, another cat.
I saw a Zen Cat calender, and I laughed,
all cats are Zen Masters.
This is THE House of Seven Gables.
It belonged to Nathaniel Hawthorne's cousin and inspired the novel that is named for it.
It even has a hidden stair case.
Sailing Ship.
September is a great time to visit Salem.


  1. nice. there is some cool stuf....the witch statue is a great capture...love those old ships as well...the moon bed too...smiles.

  2. We ty to visit Salem, MA every few years on Halloween weekend. October is the perfect time to visit as you often see some scary sites, and the weather is usually lovely as well. Loved your photos.

  3. That really does look like an interesting place and the pictures were purrfect for the season of the witch!

  4. Nice to see that you made it to one of my favorite places and from the looks of that last picture, you made it over to the Tavern at the Hawthorne Hotel, too!

    Salem is such a quirky little town full of all sorts of special places and history - lots and lots of history! My kind of place!

  5. What a fascinating post thank you for sharing your trip.

  6. Oh wow that moon bed is lovely!! I really like that bed!!

    Of course the kitty statues are pretty fabulous too!!

    Salem really lives up to its infamy!! Witches and Ghosts and Wizardry, oh my!! :-)

    Thanks for sharing these stunning pics and amazing info! Take care

  7. You got to see some very fun things Kat ~ thank you for sharing! :)
    xo Catherine

  8. You got to see some very fun things Kat ~ thank you for sharing! :)
    xo Catherine

  9. It is always nice to see pictures from your short and extended travels.) I love the image of the sailing ship, there is something infinitely beuatiful when these sets out to sea.;)


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