05 October 2010

Last little bit of summer.

It is starting to cool down a bit here at Kat's Corner.
The temp got down to 55 F last night (about 13 C) and a few of our leaves are starting to change.
I have been looking forward to this for a while, but before I settle down and enjoy it, I wanted to post one last tribute to Glorious Summer.
Yet another post about our trip to Boston. Sure seems like a crowd is starting to form, I wonder where they are all headed on a Summer's eve? Check out the pretty sky.
There is a lot of excitement in the air. If feels like a festival.
Everyone is in a great mood.
 Fenway park! When the Red Socks started to outgrow their lovely old stadium, they got creative. They rearranged under utilized areas for more seating and found a way to preserve their home.
From what I understand, they did not ask for any tax payer money to do it either.
I took this photo but you can bet I am smiling just as much as my Sweet Hubby here.
I can't believe he managed to get us tickets!
I am most certainly not a big sports fan, but Baseball, I can enjoy.
Especially a live game. I can remember playing the game when with Pete, Paula, Tammy and Terry when we were kids (when we could talk Pete into playing). Did you know you can play baseball with only four players? You can if you are kids and you are determined.
 See I told you I was smiling. Excitement before the game started. These seats did not stay empty.  At one point in the game, they put the number of fans present in the stadium as over 37,000. That is a lot of peanuts and beer. 
 Isn't this a pretty picture? Love my camera!
We had great seats. The Boston Red Socks played the Tampa Bay Rays.
We rooted for the Socks of course.
 Peanuts! Popcorn! Cotton Candy!
This guy was loving his job.
David Ortiz just got through hitting a good one here. The game started out badly and the Rays quickly pulled ahead. Mr. Ortiz here is one of the reasons the Rays did not get to stay ahead. He is good.
I told you I used to play, I wasn't any good. Quite seriously, I am not coordinated enough. We broke one window at Tammy and Terry's house and one at my house playing ball. I did have a lot of fun.
Never tried out for any teams, but of course I played in gym class growing up.
Scott Atchinson is the pitcher in this shot. Can you feel the excitement?
I got to watch a lot of live games while I was in the Air Force. My favorite was the Annual
"Chief's vs Eagles" game at Charleston Air Force Base.
The Chiefs (Highest enlisted rank) played the Colonels (their rank insignia is an eagle).
Some of those old guys could really play.
I always rooted for the Chiefs of course.
This is Fenway's "Green Monster". Fenway Park will celebrate it's 100th birthday in 2012. They still post the score by hand on this board. Their is a big screen up high and to the side that shows player's stats and other things during the game, but the score is right here.
The Red Socks won of course, 11 - 5.
I was a kid again that night. I yelled and screamed so much my throat hurt.
We even sang "Take me out to the ball game" and participated in the wave.
I would strongly recommend that kind of medicine.
I am smiling again just thinking about it.
We don't have a major league team locally, but we went to one Charleston "River Dog" game a few years back. Augusta does have the "Green Jackets" I wonder when their next game is? 
p.s. Go Socks!


  1. I can tell you had one heck of a good time!!!

  2. nice. the first year of his life i took my son to so many spring training games...lov the game and screams summer to me...

  3. Awwwww I could feel the excitement and the thrill of the game just by these fabulous pics!! I love your memories of when you were a child hitting balls and breaking windows! LOL! Oh but you had fun and they were great memories!!

    Take care

  4. Looks like a great time. i wish the leaves would change colors here, looks so pretty and great weather for yall.


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