15 October 2010

Local excitement, our new library!

At last, it is open!
Greenwood has a brand new library.
Our new library opened up early this month in a brand new building.
Yes, it is big!
That is my Sweet Husband standing outside the main entrance.
Step inside, to the right, see the information desk?
Back farther and to the left, the main desk.
Come on, you know you want to go up those stairs.
The building was built to be as environmentally friendly as possible.
They even have reserved parking spaces for alternative fuel vehicles and carpools.
To the top, lots of light.
They have a new teen center with glass on two sides.
It is meant to provide a place where teens can be comfortable.
Adults are not supposed to hang out,
The only problem is, all the books by Charles DeLint and Dyanna Wynn Jones are in there!
We will have to work something out, the librarians are great.
Lots of light,
Lots of books,
Comfy chairs,
What more could you ask for?
The periodical section is in a round tower with windows almost all the way around.
I think this will be one of my Sweet Husbands favorite places.
Big comfy tables and chairs and Wi Fi!
That means I can do homework from there if I need to.
(Yes, I am back in school, I am working on a Masters in Nursing Education).
OK, so maybe we don't have murals by Sargent or marble lions,
we do have some of the best librarians I have ever dealt with.
Did I mention, lots of books, and lots of room for more books?
I am happy.


  1. That is so nice and it looks wonderful! Unfortunately you don't see too many libraries opening up these days. I hope you have a wonderful and literary weekend!

  2. Yay!! *Loud applause*!!! *Standing ovation*!!

    What a brilliant and utterly fanstastic library!!!! That's a true joy to see - thank you for sharing these wonderful pics of what is a wonderful library with excellent library staff!!

    Yay!! I love libraries - they totally ROCK! Take care

  3. very cool....like the look of the new library...they just redid the one in my wifes home town...crazy cool stuff..

  4. Who would not love a library.I used to frequent those a lot when i was a child, but much less now.
    Back in school again for you, I admire your ambitions.
    And at all times I love the way you refer to your husband and the affection and love that can be felt through (and between) every word.
    I hope one day I will find someone to feel this way about. And who feels this way about me.
    Have a lovely weekend,

  5. Wow...very modern and impressive. My daughter-in-law is fortunate enough to work at a brand new library.

  6. What a fantastic looking library you have there! They redid ours here in Norwich a few years back but it's not anywhere near as snazzy as yours - and the parking makes it downright impossible to even get to I'm afraid.

  7. What a nice new library! It looks so fresh and sunny. I just recently re-discovered the wonders of the library. I can't believe all the money I have wasted on buying books over the last few years. I go at least once a week now.

    Also I love your banner! You have the most perfect friendly Halloween house!

  8. What a beautiful library! Oh the lovelyness of being around wonderful books ~ it does the heart and mind good. Good luck on your studies and enjoy using your new library!

    xo Catherine


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