09 October 2010


Did you ever have one of those mornings,
where you have something that really needs to be done,
and you keep getting distracted?
Spontaneous says there is a patch of sunshine in the computer chair, she thinks that makes it hers.
How can I disturb anything so cute?
 Then, there are these buttons I have been meaning to do something with,
they would make great embellishments for digital scrap booking,
Oh yeah, I need to decide what I am going to embroider on that other project...
I can do that later.
I really need to get to work on that paper.
Then, My Sweet Husband, is making cookies,
he says he needs someone to help him eat them.
 OK, I finally got to the computer (Spontaneous decided to go play somewhere else).
Oh, but wait, I need to run some stuff down to the mailbox,
I still haven't done the blog post about Swan Boats and Ducks...
It sure is a nice day for a walk....
all right already, I will get to work. I have my research done, it is just a matter of writing now.
(I actually like the writing part)
That is it, I really am motivated now......
Although, I still need to work a bit on my Christmas Card idea. For some reason or other,
the family has voted against this version.
Oh well...
Have a great weekend,
I really am getting to work on that paper now,
(It is actually about procrastination).


  1. Hahaha ... you are writing a paper about procrastination and you didn't interview ME?
    I am the Queen of procrastinating.

    Now, where did I put those 4th of July decorations????

    Your cat is a sweetie, and how nice to finally leave the chair for you. Pre-warmed, no less.

  2. ha. what a cool christmas card....my distraction today is work...but i do get to do it in the sun...smiles.

  3. Awww of course you can't disturb the ever so adorable Spontaneous! LOL!!!

    Glad that you got to use your pc now though! Good luck with your writing!! Your hubby's cookies look so yummy!!! What are you going to do with these wonderful buttons?!?! How intriguing!!

    Me and Charlie like your x-mas card design!! It gets a paws and thumbs up!! We also love your new blog background! Lovely! Have a great weekend now!
    Take care

  4. We know some humans who put off procrastinating! Yep, Spontaneous sure did look quite cozy. I hope your weekend is purrfect!

  5. Oh yes, I recognize it all too well.;) Suddenly everything else feels so much more appealing, than that which we have to do.;)
    Have a lovely weekend, no matter what you end up doing.;)

  6. Haha I seem to always get distracted by a particular brown lab who has to get into everything im doing around the house!


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