23 September 2010

Try Again Thursday

This was supposed to be for Wordless Wednesday, it would not load.
I guess when you live in a lovely old antebellum house like this one, you can't expect all the modern conveniences all of the time. 

This, as you may have guessed is from our Boston vacation. Sorry about the tilt. You can take a three to four hour trip from Boston Harbour to see the whales (most of the time is spent getting to and from the feeding ground, but we did get to spend time on site). These things are amazing, and of course, they seem to know just where I have the camera aimed, so they can pop up somewhere else. I got to see way more than I was able to photo.
I guess it is a good thing I could not post this for wordless Wednesday after all, I am getting quite wordy.
Since you are here, would you like to go whale watching with us?
Oops, no we did not get to ride on this one. It is the USS Constitution, aka "Old Iron sides". I'll share that one in another post. Isn't it lovely?
This was our ride, she is Voyager III, a catamaran. Our adventure left from the Boston Harbour. There are several different cruises, ours was sponsored by the aquarium we boarded right next to the Aquarium.
This is us, smiling on the dock while we waited to board. We talked to an interesting family that lives in the local area while we waited. I know, this sounds funny for a big city, but Boston is full of friendly people. Seriously, I think it may be the friendliest city I have ever visited (still a city though, would not trade it for my old antebellum in the woods).
I am not sure what the name of this one is, we saw it on the way out to the feeding grounds. We were no where near this close, my camera has a great zoom. At this point the seas were calm enough to get away with using it. Once we got out farther, it got a lot rougher and I could not stabilize the camera enough for the digital zoom. Still, I am amazed at what a great job my little camera does.
(The current model is a Fuji Fine Pix Z70, in pink of course).
"Thar she blows!" Oops, that wasn't a blow it was a splash, that is even better, see the tail? We only got a few good still pictures and I have one video that shows nothing but blue sky while you can hear the people saying things like "Wow, there it is" and "Did you see that?".....What can I say, I was having a great time.
Whalewatch is the aquarium's blog with lots of photos from other trips.
This is a close up cropped and enlarged from the previous photo. I have to give proper credit here, My Sweet Husband, got this great shot. Look at the color of the water! It was a wonderful memorable trip.
What else did we see while we were in Boston?
Stay tuned.....


  1. very cool. love the old ships...and awesome to see such huge creatures in the wild as well.. sounds like a great trip...

  2. The pictures, and the video, are great and it looks like you had a whale of a good time! I am co-hosting a blog hop today, please hop by and pawticipate!

  3. My goodness that was a tilt!! I get seasick so I was trying very hard not to sway but oh!! My goodness it's worth all that for the view of the whale breaching!! How fantastic!! And such an honour to be able to see these fabulous creatures too!

    So thank you for sharing - Boston sounds utterly lovely btw - would love to go and visit one day!!

    take care

  4. How amazing to be able to watch whales.;) Love all your photographs.;)
    have a lovely Friday,

  5. What terrific pictures! Looks like a vacation I would love. And speaking of love, your house is very beautiful. Southern homes are very appealing.

    Thanks for visiting Critter Alley. I look forward to getting to know you!


  6. My favourite art tutor I had a few years ago was from Boston :) Thanks for sharing your exciting boat trip, lucky you seeing whales! xx

  7. I enjoyed this post Kat about your holiday. Boston sounds like a great place to visit! :-)
    I bet Whale watching was a magical experience.
    I always think your beautiful house should in a movie like Gone with the Wind or Practical Magic!
    Best wishes,


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