04 September 2010

Craggy Gardens.

Come away, oh human child!
To the waters and the wild
With a faery, hand in hand
Those lines from W.B. Yeats poem, The Stolen Child,
kept running through my head as we walked along the trail.
Craggy Gardens is truly a magical place.
Awesome in the oldest and truest sense of the word.
They are part of Smokey Mtn National Park, up on the Blue Ridge.
Time plays tricks, it is easy to see where the old stories about
entering the faery kingdom, then leaving and finding out your afternoon has lasted for years,
come from. It felt like we were only there a few minutes,
not nearly long enough.
The trail leads across a meadow.
View from the edge of the meadow.
The wind was perfectly still when I took this picture.
Dappled sunlight sneaks through the trees and all too soon, it is time to leave.
This seed head is as pretty as some flowers.
Craggy Gardens is not a formal garden,
just a natural, magical place.


  1. It looks like the perfect spot to while away the afternoon. Beautiful scenery and great pictures to share with those of us not fortunate enough to see it in person.

  2. Oh wow!! You are so right, Kat!! It's indeed a truly magical place!! Yeats poem compliments this beautiful gardens superbly!! I love the well kept footpaths and those seedheads are just perfect!

    Thank you for sharing views of this wonderful garden - it's not at all craggy!! :-)

    Take care

  3. oh thanks for taking us on that magical journey...

  4. It is a magical place by the look of it. Some lovely photos too.

  5. That is such a pretty place...I need to get out more!

  6. It looks like such a magical place, place to get lost and just be...
    Some of the images truly look like paintings in your frames.;)

  7. These are just lovely. Nature photos are the best.

  8. We've been there! We are going on a family vacation to the mts for a few days in Oct---can't wait!


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