13 September 2010

Early September at Kat's Corner.

It is Monday morning and you can tell it is September.
We are starting to cool down a little at last.
The temp outside is 61 degrees Fahrenheit, that is about 16 degrees Celsius.
This little guy won't hang around much longer, he likes it warm.
He lives in the rock garden up around the house, he eats bugs.
More mushrooms. We see them all summer, but there seem to be more in the fall.
This pretty little flower will be gone soon. Better appreciate them while they are here.
You have seen this guy before, here is a better view.
He has a great singing voice, one of my favorite sounds of summer.
The tomatoes and basil won't last much longer either.

Commercially grown tomatoes just don't taste as good.
Soon we will go from morning tea on the balcony to tea in front of the fire.
I am looking forward to fall, leaves changing, cooler weather and cozy mornings snuggled in. Even Spontaneous is more comfortable when it is cooler, although she never complains.
Every season here has it's charms, but I will miss summer.
What will you miss the most about summer?
What are you looking forward too?


  1. Fall is for sure here Kat ~ and I do love the colors and the wearing of cozy sweaters.

    What I will miss most about summer is leaving for work in the day light and coming home in the day light. I hate when it is dark out when you leave and come home from work. So sad. :(

    xo Catherine

  2. I'll miss GREEN. And being WARM.

    I hate, hate, hate being cold, hate the snow and ice, hate having to wear long johns every day for 5 or 6 months. Hate that it takes 10 minutes to don all the winter gear, including ice picks for the soles of my boots, just to get out and around. Hate slogging through the snow and ice and sleet, hate waiting at the bus stop in sub-zero temps. Hate the dark, hate the grey, dirty world that is winter in the city.

    What I'm mostly looking forward to is surviving the coming months until Spring arrives! LOL!

  3. I love to look at all the pretty flowers and young critters in the summer, but I won't miss the hots!

  4. tomato sandwiches are reserved for summer for me...i agree...cool pics of the from and the lizard...i will miss fire flies...but i lvoe fall so bring on the cool mornings and the walks in the woods...

  5. Beautiful post making me look slightly forward to autumn after all.;)
    It is suppose to cool down a lot here this week, summer is really leaving now, no way back...
    Love your pictures.

  6. I shall miss sunlight filtering through leaves, but I will enjoy snuggling indoors as the nights draw in. It's lovely to visit your world !

  7. What a beautiful lizard? and amazing toad/frog! Lovely!!!

    And mushrooms - I love rambling out in the autumn trying to identify wild mushrooms - they are truly fascinating!

    What will I miss about the summer? The long hazy warm days!
    What am I looking forward to?
    Christmas! Yay! LOL!

    Purrs to lovely Spontaneous!
    Take care


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