28 September 2010

Bicentenial, Freedom trail and my 200th post.

This is Kat's Corner's 200th post.
When I think about the number 200, I think about the year long celebrations that occurred here in the states to celebrate our nation's birthday. I remember how everyone was patriotic that summer. Red, white and blue bell bottoms were the highest fashion. Bell bottoms? Yes, Bell bottoms, our nation was born in 1776, so the bicentennial celebrations took place in 1976.... I guess, I am showing my age a little here.
Oh well, I still think this post will be appropriate. Boston is a historical city. Many of the events leading up to the revolutionary war happened there. My Sweet Husband and I visited several of them, and I took pictures (your not surprised at that are you).  
This brick building is Faneuil Hall. It was an easy walk from our hotel and a good starting place for the Freedom Trail. Yes, there is a blue mime standing in the bottom right corner, he was busking for tips.
The Freedom Trail is a red line that links several Revolutionary War sites in downtown Boston. In some places it is painted red as a temporary measure while road work is done but most of it is a double row of brick. Great way to keep from getting lost. It is a good days outing if you stop to see everything along the way. This medallion marks one of the points on the Freedom Trail.
Copp's Hill Burying ground is along the freedom trail. It feels quite serene in spite of the tourists.
It is Boston's second oldest grave yard.
Paul Revere's House. Photography is not allowed inside so if you want to see the interior you will have to visit in person (or go here Paul Revere house ). That handsome man sitting on the wall is my Sweet Husband. He makes a great tour guide.
To market, to market. The freedom trail goes right through this farmer's market. Biggify the picture then look closely at the two corner pictures that look like garbage and a smashed crate on the pavement.
They are actually embedded bronze sculptures! Very cool.
Long ago, Robert Newman, (no not the actor) was the sexton in this lovely little church. He is reported to be one of the men who hung the lanterns in the steeple for Mr. Revere.
Steps to that steeple.
One if by land, two if by river?
Longfellow's famous poem says one if by land, two if by sea, but citizens of Boston are fond of correcting him. The sea in question was the Charles River. Either way, this is the famous steeple.
To read the entire poem, look here Longfellows poem .
Mr. Revere.
Me on the deck of "The Constitution" another stop along the trail.
More soon, I have to get to work.
Have a great day.


  1. nice. thanks for taling us on that walk...would love to do the freedom trail...was supposed to go to boston this summer but the trip fell through...

  2. Thanks for the links! I now know a little about Mr Revere! The Freedom trail is a lovely route to be preserved for all to follow! Boston is truly an amazing place to visit - thanks for sharing these pics!

    Congratulations on your 200th post!!! Fantastic! Take care

  3. Happy 200th post!! Thank you for taking us along with you today on your adventure!
    so cool.

  4. Congratulations on your 200th post, what a great way to celebrate it!!!

  5. I've been to all of those places - some a couple of times - but it's always great to see them again through someone else's eyes! Looks like you had a great time!


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