23 March 2010


Poor Kitty had to go to the vet. She had an awful gum infection and she ended up having to have several of her teeth pulled. When she first got home, she went to sleep. This morning, she got up and started investigating everything.
Sniff, Sniff,
This might be what she was looking for. The fridge.
Let me in.
I am not moving from this spot until someone feeds the cat.
Feed me.
As you can see, her appetite is fine. Then she found a lap.
Isn't that sweet?
While she is snoozing, I wanted to show you what I found growing across the road from our driveway. Spontaneous will be fine, but if you have a kitty, check her teeth and mouth, she was a sore little sweetheart.


  1. Awwwwwww poor Kitty!

    I'm so glad she is ok now and looking like she's feeling much better too! I love how she went to the fridge - she is one clever Kitty! She looks so lovely all curled up asleep on her lap!

    Sending her lots and lots of purrs!

    I love your sweet pic of the periwinkle! Spring is here!

    Take care

  2. cute...ack on getting the teeth pulled, no fun...give her a little treat...smiles.

  3. We always watch our kitties teeth & gums & the Vet checks them during their yearly check-ups.
    Poor baby...... At least she could sleep!! Nothing like a comfortable lap.....

  4. Poor sweetie, I am very glad that she is doing better now.

  5. Aw, poor girl. My Nicki had 8 extractions back in November, and he's only 3. Severe pockets of infection, antibiotics, the whole works. Then Annie just had her dental last month, 3 extractions. It's costly, but crucial! I hope her mouth heals quickly. Obviously her appetite is okay! LOL!

  6. Hope your kitty is well on the mend! I can't wait to live in a place that will let me get my first little kitty! ... and a pug dog companion too! :-) (LOVE your background!)

  7. Nice photos.

    Glad she's feeling better.


  8. Aw, poor kitty. I think that Batcat will also have to get his teeth cleaned soon.
    I am glad she all back to her old self again.;)
    Lovely pictures.;))

  9. Poor kitty! So glad she is feeling better and is able to eat OK.

    Cute purple flower ~ spring is at your house for sure!

    Have a good day friend!
    xo Catherine

  10. Poor Spontaneous. I hope she's feeling better now, and that she got a treat for her ordeal.

  11. Thanks for the tip about stains. Yesterday was a very sunny day, so I put the lemon juice and salt to the rust stain and laid the dress over a bush out in the sun all day. Most of the stain is gone, but I haven't checked it this morning.

    Sorry about your poor little kitty. Is she able to eat soft food now? Seems like when I had a tooth pulled I couldn't eat for a good while. They are so pitiful when they start waking from the anesthetic. They are so confused.

  12. Poor dear but at least it didn't hurt her appetite any! Love the "Feed me!" pictures! And I love the flower, too! I noticed that we actually had buds on the trees up this way today. Woohoo!!

  13. I'm so glad you caught the infection before it got worse. She's a sweetie! You're way ahead of us with spring blooms; nothing blooms here yet.


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