13 March 2010

And now, for something completely different

I went for a walk this morning. There is a pond across the road from our mailbox. It is quite muddy right now so I could not get too close, but the geese were making a racket. Click on the video to at least, hear them. It was a fun start for my day.

I have been playing with colored pencils. I quite like this one. It is from a walk in the woods up on the blue ridge. The photo it is taken from is currently the background on my computer. Hope your having a lovely day.



  1. That's a lovely sketch! Very, very nice!

    There's a pond here where there are all sorts of swans hanging out that I'm hoping to go get some pictures of if it ever stops raining on one of my days off!

  2. I like when the geese start to fly home ~ hopefully I will see them soon!

    Lovely sketch ~ you are talented!

  3. It is the movie of a wonderful forest.

  4. Those geese are noisy. What a lovely sketch, very atmospheric.

  5. I loved your clip! It reminded me of my morning yesterday, when I suddenly heard the call of a pheasant. A true sign of spring indeed.;)
    Have a lovely Sunday,

  6. But still, i do love the noise geese make, funny things. Love your sketch, trees are fascinating aren't they.

  7. Your sketch is very good! I like working with colored pencils, too. They are very versatile.

  8. nice...love colored pencils as a medium...the geese, they provide an interesting soundtrack to your walk eh? smiles.

  9. Thanks for sharing a part of atmosphere that you enjoyed during your morning walk. I also like your drawing very much. I have found your blog really beautiful and interesting.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comment.

  10. This is great...I can feel your peace as you were walking through the wooded land! Hugs, Coralie

  11. That sketch is way cool! Hey, those sound like my geese, I'll bet they are related!

  12. really like the perspective in your drawing ...


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