16 March 2010

The rest of my early moring walk.

I will pick up at the pond from my last post, (cue the sound of geese).
I can see home in the distance so turning my back on the pond, I head for it. In a few weeks you will barely be able to see it from the main road (that is fine with us).
This picture is a close up of our big elm. It gets these lacy little buds before the leaves come in. How pretty is that? I think spring is saying, hang on, I'm coming.
There are what sounds like a couple hundred other birds flirting in the trees as I walk past. I could not even begin to guess how many kinds. They are apparently all camera shy this morning and will not let me get close enough to photograph. It reminds me of the mountain ladies from Morocco, I have several photos of their backs as they whirled away to keep me from taking their picture. These silly birds won't even let me take pictures of their backs.
Excuse me for just a minute, I need to put a lady bug outside.
O.K. where was I, oh yeah, by lunch time, the sky on one side was as blue as could be, on the other side, it looked like trouble coming. My Sweet Hubby and I decided to head out for our walk a little early. This picture was taken shortly after we left the house. I love the details in the clouds, see how they look like they are mirroring the shape of the frame?
More clouds, so many shades of blue. This looks like a meadow, it is a field of baby pine trees. This particular batch is a couple of years old and a few are nearly three feet high. I love watching the cycle of all of this, not just in seasons, but in years and hopefully, decades.
The clouds started to look a bit more threatening so at this point, I put away my camera and we headed back to the house.
Excuse me, I need to go put another lady bug outside.
Nope, that is not snow. My camera actually managed to catch the raindrops. They were coming down so hard! My Sweet Hubby and I timed it just right, we felt a drop or two as we got to the yard, but that was it. We have had so much rain lately, our yard is saturated.
OK, here is another one, I wonder what these guys got into that causes the white specks? Oh well, out he goes.
It is hard to justify complaining about the rain when it results in things like this. The tiny flowers in the center are on the biggest of my rosemary plants. This is the first time it has bloomed!
Camellias from the side porch, after the storm.
Remember the old rhyme:
March winds and Aprils Showers,
Bring forth Mays Flowers.
We are a little ahead of the game here. The best part is that even with all these signs of spring, it is still cool enough for a nice long snuggle in the morning.
What? Another Lady Bug?
Oh my, out he goes.


  1. smiles. the lady bigs are visiting us as well. we need to spray again...so nice to see things starting to bloom...thanks for taking us on the walk with you today...

  2. We have lots of lady bugs here too.
    You have such a beautiful place.
    Thanks for sharing your spring with us.

  3. It's lovely to see things coming into flower again. You've got lots of ladybirds there, it must be warming up.

  4. What a neat post! Love the framed views, and the cute lady bugs, too. They were all over our church last Sunday -- the kids were fascinated; kept them busy during the sermon!
    PS No, no Earl Grey tea, I'm afraid -- I am not a fan. You will have to take tea at my daughter Anne's apartment for that! Thanks for visitng That Old House!

  5. Had ladybugs in the house all winter and just left them. Don't think they would've liked the snow. Aren't they beautiful?

  6. Awwww what a lovely, lovely, lovely blog!

    And thank you for putting the ladybirds outside - bless you!

    And what beautiful pics! And I so agree about rain. I mean it's annoying when you are getting soaked but the flowers and plants and animals do need the rain to flourish - I mean look at your lovely rosemary plants! Yay!

    Take care
    Thanks for your sweet words about my tough ol girl!

  7. Those are beautiful pictures! You took a long walk!

  8. Lovely lovely rain! I wish it would rain for 2 weeks here to freshen everything up. I'm still waiting for spring though we basically have no snow left.

    The lady bugs are all waking up ~ it must mean spring is at your house! Lucky girl! :)

  9. The clouds here have been doing that "nice on one side, not so nice on the other", too. I love the contrasts when they do that but hate to see the dark clouds overtaking the light ones.

    With all of those ladybugs I'm guessing that spring is most definitely coming soon!

  10. Hi, Peaches loves ladybugs too. Where is the cute cat I see at the top of your page? thanks for the visit!

  11. I just got home from work and do you know what was waiting for me? you guessed it, more ladybugs. Good thing we think they are cute and they are so good for gardens!
    For those who don't recognize her, the pretty kitty on the heading is Spontaneous. She is rescue kitty that is as sweet natured as possible. A welcome addition to the family.

  12. Spring is definitely here in mid-Scotland too! The Edinburgh council has really put a lot of effort into their planting regime and crocuses and snowdrops are springing up in all the public parks - it's uplifting after such a hard winter!

    The castle does open for visitors. We checked the guide book before setting out (it was about a 40mile drive) and it was meant to be open - but when we got there we found it was closed! It was quite disappointing; possibly with the snow the owners (Historic Scotland) weren't expecting visitors. Still, it was an impressive sight, even if only from the outside.


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