26 March 2010


I like to get up close and personal with my flowers. This lovely Forsythia is blooming by my front porch right now.
The darker yellow flowers toward the back are what is left of the first wave of Daffodils. Now these are blooming bright.
Much more to come, stay tuned.


  1. Hi

    Awwww the close up of the forsytha is just lovely - I love flowers close up - you can really see the detail, like here!

    The field of daffodils just makes my morning! I am so glad spring is here and nothing says it's here like your carpet of daffs!


    Take care


  2. I am so jealous that your forsythia and daffodils are in bloom! We have crocuses up, but I'm not sure they'll survive our sudden spell of sub-zero weather. Brrrr!

  3. nice. it feels like spring already...hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Yep, spring is in the air...everybody needs to catch a whiff!

  5. I agree, there is nothing like planting flowers, looking after them and watching them grow.
    Te first thing I do every morning when I get up is to look out of my large living room window on my terrace to see what has grown since the day before.
    Lovely pictures.;)
    Have a splendid weekend,

  6. The field of daffodils show that spring is on the way. My daffodils are only just poking through the soil, it will be a while yet before they bloom.

  7. Kat, check out my blog today and, if you can participate, please do so!!


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