22 February 2010

Response to Summer Photo Challenge

Last time we met, I offered a challenge. I asked for you to share your favorite spring and or summer photos. So far I have five great responses and they are; (drum roll here) Cat at Corner of Cats Mind was the first to respond to my summer challenge. She posted five Summer Critter photos. Love it! You might also like the post after this one, she has some of the prettiest snow scenes on there.
Marilyn at Our Victorian Cottage thinks a lot like me. She was daydreaming of summer on her post too. Amazing flower shots, I want to wander through her garden.
Alistair from Crivens jings and help ma blog joined in with a hauntingly beautiful photo of Loch Leven.
Brian (one of my favorite cats) from Brians Home offered a picture of three kitties looking out the window at summer. You can’t go wrong with cats.
Andrew from Big Swifty contributed with two atmospheric photos from Essex. He was kind enough to include some historical perspective. Good stuff! His following post goes from a sky scape photo to the purchase of a new iron and made me giggle.
Stop by these wonderful blogs and daydream about things to come.
Today's weather is more typical for winter in our neck of the woods, chilly, rainy, and cloudy. There is mud and muck everywhere (not enough to stop us from going for our walk later). So I thought I would continue the theme. These are, what I consider to be my best shots from last summer. This first photo is an old cabin in the Great Smokey Mountain National Park. Just look at all that green.
All of today's photos were taken in either National or State parks last summer. This one is also in the Great Smokey Mountain National Park. Looking at it makes me feel warm and peaceful.
You have seen this one before. This is of the Grand Teton National Park. The sky changed constantly that day.
This vista is one of many in Great Smokey Mountain National Park.
This is one of my all time favorite photos. While we were in Yellowstone last Summer, we got up early enough one morning to catch this. I love the reflections and the ducks in a row. Mom used to tell me I needed to "get my ducks in a row" before starting a project, well Mom, here they are.
No, I am not cheating, that is not snow. This picture was taken last August at Mammoth in Yellowstone. The white is from mineral deposits associated with some of the many hot springs.
Another Yellowstone favorite. This is one of the many places on the side of the road where we pulled over, just because it was beautiful.
I love the light on this one. It was taken in a field full of Buffalo at Yellowstone.
Fishing is not allowed at "Fishing Bridge" in Yellowstone anymore. The native Cutthroat trout are endangered. Photography is allowed and the fishing bridge is a fine spot for it. Look at those little guys.
I saved the best for last. Doesn't this photo just say "summer". This was taken in the Great Smokey Mountain National Park.
Whew, I feel much warmer now. How about you? Anyone else want to participate? If you do, just post your pictures on your blog then leave me a comment.


  1. Those are all such beautiful pictures, but you always have some of the best pics!

  2. It's lovely to see some summer pictures. You'll never believe it but we're covered in snow....again!

  3. Thanks for your sweet words Kat!

    Such lovely photos ~ indeed the last one does say 'summer'!

    Sigh...will it ever get here? It's snowed all day today and is supposed to again tomorrow ~ so sad!

    Warm thoughts, Catherine :)

  4. Beautiful pictures, I really thought the one from Yellowstone was snow, until I read the text.
    I love the Smokey Mountains, particular when the foliage is changing in autumn...
    Finally I too posted my summer pictures, as a part of your challenge.;) I am a bit late, but I hope it still counts.;))
    Have a lovely day dear Kat,

  5. Yikes... you're giving me cabin fever here :) Great photos and I went into your sidebar "Home Sweet Home" post... your home is absolutely beautiful. I'm so happy for you!! The Bach

  6. Wonderful scenic photos! So beautiful in their frames - could be great for scrapbooking or card making too!

  7. Amazing shots Wow!!
    Thanks for sharing :-)
    You have wonderful lines written by your photo's ....

    (Lovely blogsite youhave :-)

  8. your pics take me away to a simpler place...love the cabin...

  9. What fun this is! I love glimpses of other people's lives and places. Best wishes from Andrew, aka Big Swifty. (Your link to my site didn't work for me, so here it is again www.andrewbudd.blogspot.com )


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