13 February 2010

Snow at Kat's Corner, Bonus Post

We actually got SNOW.
It started yesterday afternoon.
See the little bits of yellow? Remember my Daffs from the morning?
As the afternoon turned into evening, the snow kept falling.
We went out walking in it.
Summer Kitchen?
View from the barn.
I know you have all seen snowy pictures before, but we just don't get snow like this here.
The dogwood.
The creek.
We are quite lucky, it is pretty and I got great photos and none of us has to drive in it today or tomorow. Hopefully by Monday, it will be gone.
Stay warm and cozy,


  1. Isn't the snow lovely? Your photos are lovely! For me snow is the most beautiful thing about winter! For now I am longing for summer! V.

  2. I think it's great when people who don't normally get snow take such lovely pictures so that I can see the beauty of it through someone else's eyes. I'm afraid that up here we get a bit jaded about the whole thing.

    Hope you're warm down there!

  3. we had a surprise snow last night ourselves...no one called or it but we got about and inch...made everything fresh...wonderful pics!

  4. I guess when you don't get snow very often it can be very pretty.

    It loses a bit of it's 'thrill' here in Saskatchewan on about month 4...well...week 4 truthfully!!! LOL...sigh :(

  5. I heard you were getting snow—it's beautiful!

  6. Just thought I would update you. It is 3:30 in the afternoon and most of the snow is gone. The sun is bright but there is a cold wind out there. We will be bundling up for a walk shortly. If I have to have winter, I must admit, this is the way to do it.
    Stay warm folks!

  7. Those are beautiful pictures...and we got snow in the Upstate too! Happy Valentine's Day!

  8. Beautiful scenery is given glory to still more attractively.


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