08 February 2010

A little bit of winter

Usually I try to save the best for last, I think this is one of my best ever photos, I couldn't wait to show it off. It is not framed as my daughter insisted it was too good to crop. She is an artist and I value her opinion on such things so here it is in all it's glory.
You have met the tree we call our Guardian, this one is our Ent. Can't you just see how he is bending over to tell something to one of the smaller trees? He lives towards the back of the property, out near the barn.
We had an ice storm last week. Lucky for me, I was off that day and none of us needed to go anywhere. It was cold and clear. The lighting was brilliant. My Sweet Hubby and I went out to the barn to bring up more wood for the fireplace. It was literally freezing out there. I had my camera in my pocket and I just could not resist. So I snapped away while my Sweet Hubby laughed at the crazy lady (took my gloves off so I could hold the camera better) and then started to point even more interesting things out for me to take pictures of. This bird, and several of his buddies were singing away like it was spring time.
The ice, with the early morning sunlight glittering on it, almost looks pink. As if the trees are wearing overly elaborate tiaras.
This is our well house. My Sweet Hubby built it. See the patterns in the frost on the roof? Can't you just hear the grass crunching as you walk up to it? You know I don't like the cold. But I just could not resist the pictures.
Even the pines got into the act.
Close up of one of the smaller pines. While we were out looking for photo ops, we discovered a spot quite near the house where two or three large somethings had been resting. Probably deer. I of course, took a picture of the spot, but you can't really tell what you are looking at. All the same, I like the idea of sharing our space with wildlife.
Mother nature must have been in a good mood, even an old piece of bark turned into something special. Ice storms here can be very bad news. One year, right after we bought the house, we lost power for three days. No heat, and the flu for the chimneys was frozen shut. Miserable! We were very lucky this time.
It was a good thing I went outside when I did as the ice did not stick around. The cold did. It was a perfect day to stay indoors. Once I got myself thawed out, I did not venture back outside for the rest of the day.
A few mornings later, we woke up to this. It is the view from one of my kitchen windows. More the usual winter start. The mist didn't really lift till almost noon. So what do we do when it is cold and miserable outside? We make ourselves comfy inside.
We have extra toasting forks, care for a marshmallow?
Spontaneous knows just what to do when it is cold, stretch out in front of the fireplace and make cute faces at me. Have you ever seen such a comfort loving animal?
Hope you are as cozy as she looks. Spring will be here before we know it, I am going to enjoy my "Snuggle Season" for as long as it lasts. Got to go put some more wood on the fire.


  1. nice. love the tree pics...so tall and twisted in majesty. more snow here tonight...i think i am done with winter...

  2. The pictures are stunning...you are an artist too!!!

  3. That is a very beautiful tree and you captured it perfectly!

    I would like to squinch Spontaneous' belly ~ cute cute cute!

  4. Beautiful pictures! My favorite is of the lonely tree toward the end. It looks almost like taken from an enchanted landscape.;) And of course, I adore your kitty. What a great name as well.;) She (He??) looks as if she (he) too has "Golden Nerves".;))

  5. Your tree photos are wonderful. The light shows up the ice perfectly.

  6. Great pictures and you frame them beautifully! The Bach

  7. So glad you like the pictures. Spontaneous says thank you for the praise, or at least she would, if she wasn't so busy being lazy and yes, she is a girl.

  8. Your daughter was right - that first picture looks fantastic just as it is! I love trees in the winter when you can see all of the branches and personality of the tree that gets hidden when the leaves come out.

    The picture of the tree in the mist is fantastic, too! Almost spooky but not quite!

  9. Wonderful photos. I especially liked the tree in the mist, third from the bottom.

    You remind me its been a long time since I've toasted marshmallows.

  10. I, too, love the tree photos. Trees
    have such character. And so does your cute kitty...very charming : )

  11. Ice storms are challenging, but you made the best of it by capturing these great photos! Brrrrr—it does look cold.


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