29 December 2009

Looking for some green

Christmas is over for yet another year. Now we get into the dark part of the year. Days are short, the wind is cold, and it can be just a little depressing. Not for me though, I can find a little bit of green to cheer me up anytime.Trivial Pursuit's game board has green squares. There are several versions of the game, what the green squares stand for depends on which version you are playing. My Sweet Hubby won this one by the way.
You can find green outside year round too.
See, this cute little Toyota is a lovely shade if green.
If all else fails, see if you can talk someone into making you a Guacamole Omelet.
My Sweet Hubby makes the best!
This is Mitsy Mewable Monkey Face. She lives with my Sister in Law.
Doesn't she have the sweetest green eyes?
Then there is always "the Green Man" You see a lot more of this fellow over in the UK.
This one is the sign for "Jack of the Woods" a British style pub in Ashville N.C., full of atmosphere.
What? You say you want to see some thing that is green and growing?
How about this moss. Lovely, but, yes, that is snow in the bottom right corner. Brr.
How about this guy? Are we getting a little warmer?
Or, maybe his friend, the Katy Did who visited our corolla earlier this year.
Still not quite what you were looking for?
How about this one? This is the view from the back steps in the summer time.
Maybe this will do the trick. Hope it warms you.
Work is still in progress on the house so no "after" photos yet.
Christmas might be over, but not the Holidays.
See you soon, I have some goofing off to do.


  1. Green is indeed a happy color! Guacamole Omelet ~ I've never had one but I think it looks yummy!

  2. Kat, please do a review of the year on your blog, I would be interested to read how other peoples year has gone.

  3. You always have the best pictures! Enjoy your goofing off time and Happy New Year!

  4. Thank you for your lovely comment about my Cat(arina), Kat :)

    Trivial Pursuit....mmmm...we are Board Games maniacs at my house...

    Happy New Year to you and yours!



  5. Oh well if you like green, then holly bushes and laurels are great right now!

    But beware of strange people wearing green and red. Make sure you have cold iron with you... or the faeries will get you!

    Not the rather beautiful, strange creatures by Rackham or Dulac either, but dangerous darksome faeries.

    Hopefully the new year will be much better than the last one for you and there will be no naughty faeries to worry about.

  6. Looking forward to those after photos in the new year!

    May 2010 bring all good things to your hearth and family. Happy New Year!
    All best wishes,

  7. Thank you for the sharing of the green! That guacomole omelet sounds delicious!

    Personally, though, after having way too much white and cold already this winter I'm really looking forward to some green and warm!

  8. All the best in 2010 to you and yours - great pictures a well, love the omelet.;)


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