10 December 2009

Hand Made - December 10, 2009.

When I walked down to the mailbox this morning, the sun was shining through the leaves, it looked a little like frost, but it was only sunshine. No frost yet, that is fine with me. Yesterday, I was driving through town and I was thinking that even with the snowflake lights on the lamp posts, it just didn't seem very much like Christmas. Then, I noticed the car in front of me was a pretty little green corvette. He hit his brakes, and the red brake lights and Chevy flash came on. I smiled, that's the spirit.
This is why we have not decorated the outside of the house yet this year. This time of year the bees won't mind.
Many of our Christmas decorations are hand made. This little beauty was sent to us from Alaska years ago. Our friend Brad gifted us with it.
This is the first bear I ever made. The pattern was in a Family Circle Magazine. I made him for my Mom and when she passed, he came back to me. Christmas at our house is full of reminders of our Moms.
This star was made for us when we first got married by my Sweet Hubby's Mom. Some of her family in Germany sent her the paper. She showed me how to make them that first year too so we have two generations of stars on our tree. She loved Christmas!
This bear is the first from my own pattern. His name is patches. All of his younger brothers and sisters, the ones I made after him, were smaller and more graceful. They found new homes. Him I kept, now I have grown quite fond of him. Maybe when school is over for the semester I can make some more bears. He is just under five inches tall.
This is another of my creations. This lovely little fish is made from ribbons that were on a couple of our wedding presents. The wedding was twenty six years ago this week and I am STILL the luckiest girl around. He is my love, my best friend, my companion in life. He is my cheering section and has always believed in me, even if I was not sure of myself. Having him in my life has been a wonderful gift. I could not wish for more. I hope we have many more years to travel through life together.
This is a ballerina's dress for a tiny dancer. I made it too.
This bit of Christmas cake, well, it's Stohlen. My dear Mother in Law insisted that I should learn how to make these from her before I got married. We spent the day in her kitchen. We made it smell wonderful and taste even better. We made a huge mess, and we laughed. We cleaned up and she told me about growing up first in Germany, then in Utah. Her family moved here when she was a child. I got to know her a little bit better that day. She told me stories about her son as a little boy. Apparently he was born with that charm. I am oh so glad she insisted, even though I have never made another one since. You see, my Sweet Hubby has perfected the art, he is a much better cook than me. I would not trade the memories from that day with her for anything. He made this one for us the other day.
Last but not least, a little bit of silliness. My little tree is about a foot high. My Mom had one in the house that was nearly three feet high. When I was a teenager, I hand painted a set of ceramic ornaments for it. I had to use a paintbrush with only a few hairs to do it. These are tiny. Each year I manage to fit a few more on to my tree. Someday it will grow into the whole set. This year, I found a flashing necklace that looks like tree lights, so, my tree is lit.
Stay warm and cozy!
December 10, 2009


  1. Your little tree is cute with it's twinkley lights! Love your Christmas Bear! You are lucky you have no snow. Take it from someone who has it...a 'white' Christmas is over rated... :)

  2. I love handmade ornaments! This year I tried to make my won Christmas Cards and I so enjoyed it.;)
    Your tree is so lovey, it looks so happy twinkling.;)
    Have a great Friday,

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog, it is very nice to me you. The Christmas ornaments are so very pretty!!! It is nice to have another SC friend too!!!

  4. I love your little tree -- I had a similar one the year Howard and I lived in a miniscule NYC apartment. It was all we could fit in!
    Sadly the apartment was also dark and 'way overheated, so the poor little pine didn't survive the winter.

    LOVE Patches the bear. He looks so much larger in his picture!


  5. I love these home made ornaments. My favorite of these is the "first ever bear". The look on his face makes me laugh. I also like your dinky little tree.I always feel sorry for the Charlie Brown trees, which is what we've been having ever since our kids moved out. They always wanted big tall trees.

  6. These are so lovely. They put me in the mood.

  7. I love all your hand made decorations with stories and memories behind them. My tree is adorned with lots of hand made decorations which the kids have made in school over the years, I could never part with them.

  8. Hullo Kat,

    Thanks for dropping by and joining my blog and your nice comments about the content.

    Not got much time for a look around on yours but I'll be back.

    What a lovely house!

    Kind regards.....Al.

  9. I love Christmas traditions. I just did a little post on this myself! Your little bears are very cute! I've always wanted to try my hand at Stohlen as well. This may be the year... Happy Holidays!!


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