15 December 2009

Deck the halls

I am attempting to join my first Blogging block party. It is "Deck the Halls" hosted by Dianne from http://www.thoughtsfromovertherainbow.blogspot.com/
She has several lovely ideas and links to bloggers with lots more. I attempted to do this last night, it didn't work, wish me luck.
I talked about how much my Mother and Mother in law influenced our Christmas decorations and traditions in the last post. Here are a few more examples. This lovely angel belonged to my Mother in Law.
These figurines go with my Mom's Christmas Village. I painted most of them for her when I was a teenager. She loved this set!
Here are some of the buildings that go with the same set. I painted all of these. Mom had a set up where the buildings fit on top of little lights so the houses twinkled. If you look closely you can see the windows are all cut out to allow light through. I light the lanterns, but not the houses.
Mother nature has been decking her halls too. We don't have any snow, but aren't these little red birds lovely?
This video is a little shaky, I was trying to get closer to the birds. They are very hard to photograph. If you have kitties, play this video for them. Spontaneous appreciates the bird song.
Instead of putting ornaments in a glass bowel, my Sweet Hubby decorates with home made caramels. MMM!
Each year, when we take down the tree, we cut part of the trunk off and save it for the next year. On Christmas morning, we will start a fire in the fireplace with this one.
Another one of Mother Nature's Southern traditions, Camellia's blooming for Christmas time. I have two big lovely bushes in my yard.
This picture with exterior decorations is from last year. In one of the next posts I will show you why we don't have them up yet this year. In the mean time, I love this picture so I decided to share it again. Yes, that is me up on the balcony.
Last of all, a tired little sweetheart. You can't decorate properly without the help of the cat.
Thanks to Cass, from http://cass-thatoldhouse.blogspot.com/2009/12/holiday-touches-old-and-new.html for giving me the idea to join the block party.


  1. Well hi! Your house always takes my breath away -- I can hardly believe that someone actually LIVES in such a gorgeous place. It's like a house from a storybook!

    We don't have cats to help us decorate, but we get the help of our dog, who when he was younger used to try and EAT the tree decorations. Wagging tails are always a danger to delicate glass ornaments; we learned to hang the good ones up high!

    How wonderful that you hve that Christmas village that you painted for your Mom ... and you did a great job, too. Lucky Mom.

    I'm curious as to why you didn't decorate the front of the house this year. And camellias bloom for Christmas? Why did I never know that??? That is amazing!

    I'm glad you got the idea to post to the Deck the Halls party from me! Blogging is all about sharing, isn't it?

    Merry Christmas!!! Enjoy those caramels vicariously for me. Does your husband make them? Wow.

  2. Cass,
    Your house is certainly nothing to sneeze at. It is Lovely. Yes, my Sweet Hubby makes the caramels, from his Mom's recipee of course. I knew about the Camellias blooming at Christmas time from a trip to Texas when I was a kid. I am not from down here so I think I appriciate such things more. I am glad you enjoyed my blog, I always enjoy yours. Watch out for wagging tales.

  3. I just can't get over how pretty your pictures always are. Oh yea, love bird videos lots!

  4. Kat-I am so glad you joined Deck the Halls! I am in love with your house--I grew up in a town full of antebellum homes and have a great love of them! Love those porches. Even though I am still in the south, camelias just won't bloom here and I miss them! Loved seeing yours!

  5. Beautiful pictures, so many lovely ornaments.;) Love the cat sleeping under the tree (I think ).
    The clip of the birds was great, here it is very quiet these days, no birds in sight.

  6. Sweet little sleeping kitty curled up under the Christmas tree ~ so tired! Shhhh.... :)

  7. Those caramels wouldn't last long here, they look delicious. How lovely to have so many of your parents ornaments.

  8. I clicked over through Protege's blog...
    What a beautiful blog YOU have! And your home is absolutely gorgeous! Happy Christmas!

  9. Hello Kat, thankyou for coming to visit. I had a nice time reading your Blog and looking at your photos. I love the little black and white cat under the tree! I am running a little competition after Christmas, for my visitors to try and guess the name of my patchy cat. So nice to "meet you"


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