20 December 2009

Last Minute Shopping, Downtown Charleston SC

I had hoped to show you why we did not put up exterior decorations this year with this post, but the work is still in progress. I will post as soon as it is done so hang in there.
I have been so busy with school and work, that up until this weekend, I did not have any Christmas shopping done. Where do you go when you are out of time? I head for downtown Charleston SC. We love to visit and visiting this time of year is great. Charleston is enough of a city to offer great selection (see the Yves Saint Laurent store window above). Everything from Gucci to Loose Lucy's is open for business and within walking distance.
This is the entrance to the covered market one of my favorite places to shop. I don't know if it is the biggest, but it is the biggest one I have ever been in. There is one building full of permanent boutique type shops, then two long buildings full of open booths. The booths hold photographers selling prints, doll makers selling Mammy dolls and Santas, Jewelry, charms, blown glass, leather, clothes, t-shirts, more jewelry, more charms, pralines (Charleston has the best in the south, we know we have tasted them all over), Scarves, confederate coins, sea shells, Christmas ornaments, painted bricks, and even butterflies. If you like hand crafted things, this is the place to go and it is open year round. There are however, signs up all over, most of the artists do not want photos taken of their wares.
Display window for one of the shops in the boutique section.

This is a toy train set!
One of the treats of the season can be found at the Charleston Hotel. Every year they put up this train set between the landings for the grand stair case. It is very elaborate and can be viewed from all angles by way of the stairs even if it is crowded. Another treat is the fact that unless you are going to the mall, the crowds are not bad at all (why would you want to go to the same old stores in the mall, when all this is available?).
I should have had my Sweet Hubby stand next to this garland so you could get some idea of the scale. This is the grand staircase that curves around either side of the train set. It is illuminated by an amazing Venetian Chandelier. What I wanted to show you here, is the garland.
After a full Saturday of shopping. Sunday morning we attended our old church, The U.U. in downtown Charleston. The tree was decorated in true southern style with Spanish moss and Magnolia blossoms!
Greenery in the sanctuary.
The climate is just a bit milder on the coast than it is at home. The churchyard still has roses in bloom (they look a lot like camellias, but camellias don't usually have any scent). This is an old fashioned rose with a lovely scent.
A little bit of sunshine for Protege. These are blooming all over the church yard.

Now I have some wrapping to do. Looks like I have a helper. She is testing the box for sturdiness. Good luck with your shopping!



  1. What a fun day of shopping. The photos are great. I've never seen a Christmas tree with moss and magnolias. So fun. And I'm jealous that you have flowers still in bloom. I love your helper...so sweet!

  2. One of these days I'd love to go to Charleston, South Carolina - it just looks so quaint!

    I haven't done a bit of wrapping yet myself but have intentions of spending most of Tuesday in paper and tape at least getting most of it done. I hope!

  3. THANK you so much for the flower! :))It sure brought a warm feeling to my heart and soul and the notion it is actually blooming right now in your part of the world is unreal. Particularly as I write this, heavy snow storm is raging outside.;)
    I too posted pictures of my walk through a Christmas city. Yours are lovely, the view from the church is so serene.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful! Hey, I spotted that flamingo in the window...we've got 3 by our tree and maybe that one should come and join us. Merry Christmas!

  5. What a great place for a shopping trip. It would certainly get you in the Christmas spirit. Happy Christmas and all the best for 2010.

  6. I try to do my shopping as early as possible - the shops over here get so crowded that last minute shopping becomes very stressful!

    Have a lovely Christmas!


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